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Posted on February 1, 2011 by Trip Forman

REAL is hiring for the 2011 Cape Hatteras season...

REAL Flagship Store in the Villages of Waves, NC

*Are you ready to kite and surf instead of watching videos of other people out on the water?
*Do you want to take sessions every single day?
*Then maybe it’s time you looked into joining the REAL Team this season!

What are some of the perks that come with working at REAL?
1. You get access to all the gear in the shop. Are you kidding me??!! This is INSANE!
2. Taking sessions is a must for your REAL experience. If you don’t, your manager will get on your case about it!
3. For Kite and SUP, your backyard is The Slick. People would give their right arm for this and you can just call it “The Backyard”.
4. S-Turns is less than 3 miles away. You’ll be living where the best waves are rather than wondering about where the best waves are.
5. REAL has great staff housing ready to roll. You don’t even need to worry about where you’re landing. You just need to know where the dawn patrol is on your first day here.

Positions Available:

REAL Watersports Flagship Store
-Retail Sales Associate
-Rental Shop Associate

Watermen's Retreat
-Reservations Assistant
-Housekeeping Staff

Positions Available starting as early as March 15th and lasting as long as November 30th.

If you’re ready to start taking sessions every day, then click this link below and follow the directions. If you don’t click this link and follow the directions, that’s probably not a good sign…..Just roll with it and CLICK IT and get ready for Cape Hatteras 2011!!

APPLY to take SESSIONS Here:

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