Wipika Catches everyone off guard.....Again

by REAL Watersports

Wipika 2002 Kites

Somebody seems to have forgotten how Wipika made so much ground on its competition last year. They are the “Masters of Disguise”. Last year at the tradeshow , nobody thought anything of them. They had two or three “proto” kites that looked alright, but in the following winter, while everyone was sleeping, they released the Airblast. Never before had “practicality” been thrown so far into the wind. The Airblast defined how far a high aspect kite could go. Unmatched with regards to kite speed, lift and hangtime, the Airblast gained instant consumer recognition. In specific, sizes 16.4, 11.8 and 8.4 were among the most popular kites in the world market. The 11.8, the perfect 10-20 knot machine. Super lift, super rangy, super hangtime. Bionic airtime in everyday conditions. The 8.4,....well that is a story of legendary altitudes and stupifying hang times. Widely regarded as the industry’s leading jumper, the 8.4 leaves the faint hearted shaking in their pants. The 16.4?? It blew the doors wide open on the super blimp market and threw “piggy” and “whale” in the water with its breathtaking air speed and unreal jumping ability. This year, Wipika’s competition says the AIRBLASTS are unchanged. The competition wishes this were the truth. While Naish, North, Cabrinha and Slingshot showed their newest 2002 kites, some as early as July, Wipika held fast and kept it’s cards under wrap. Now, while their competitors are selling designs 6 months older or more, Wipika unveils it’s groundbreaking 2002 collection:


Airblast 2002
The ultimate advanced rider, dedicated 4 line high aspect design. Nothing flies faster or jumps higher and farther. The Airblast defines high performance flying. This year’s Airblast improves performance through several key features. Segmented dacron leading edge and strut construction. New keel shaped outline design with scalloped leech. New foil. New sizing: 16.4, 11.8, 10, 8.4, 6.3, 4.9m2. For added durability, dacron had been used for leading edge, strut and wing tip construction. Wipika one-up’s the competition with new “inside out” seaming on all leading edges and struts. What does this mean? No more seams to pop your bladders! They’re all reversed on the outside. How does the kite feel? Super powerful and very slippery to the edge of the window. The new 11.8 has tons of extra juice over last year’s design. The added power firmly tightens its reign as the 10-20 knot master. No kite on the market flies as well, jumps as high or has the windrange of the 11.8 in these wind conditions. Snow riding? Nuzzi picked the 11.8 as his overall favorite kite for snow use. Higher jumps, gusty wind stability and reverse relaunch (thanks to Wipika’s patented REACTIVE bridal). The 8.4m2? This kite remains the high jump king of the hill. Nothing goes higher, just ask Dave Tyburski and his 5.28 second 40 foot super hang at this year’s Hatteras Kiteboarding Competition. The 8.4 is Trip’s personal favorite for “back-dooring” The Slick. That’s over 75 feet of dry land! An 11.8 and 8.4m2 Airblast have the widest combined windrange of any two kite quiver : 10 knots to well over 30 knots. When you want nothing but the best at the end of the lines, pick the 2002 Airblast.

The Airblast is for the advanced rider who wants a high performance, high aspect kite and has the ability to reap the benefits of one. THIS KITE IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS. The rider should be past the point of crashing their kite all the time (especially the big ones) because the higher aspect design takes more time to relaunch off of the water. If you ride fast and want to jump higher than all your friends, we mean so much higher that there are no doubts, then the Airblast is the right kite to look at in the 2002 collection. Sizes available : 4.9, 6.3, 8.4, 11.8, 16.4m2. The smaller Airblasts, 11.8 and down, work best on 20 meter lines plus the 7 meter leaders on the Wipi bar (27m total). The 16.4’s perform best on 30 meter lines plus the 7 meter leaders. (37m total) Shorter lines on the 10m2 and smaller will increase turning ability for dedicated surf use. Call us toll free at 866-REAL-548 for more info, prices and to order yours. All 2002 Airblasts in stock. We also have a limited number of 2001 Airblast 16.4 and 11.8’s at unbelievable prices!!


HYDRO 2002
The ultimate medium aspect all-round 4 liner. This past summer many technical riders (those leaning more towards tricks than just pure straight height in their jumps) starting moving away from the higher aspect designs and more towards the medium aspect Free Airs. First they rode them two line but wanted better turning, especially in the larger sizes. Then they converted them to 4 line “tied off” with no chicken loop and found their “soul mates”. The 4 line Free Air 5.6 through 14.9 had to be 2001’s most under-rated dark horse kites. They jumped really well, turned insane and water relaunched faster than anything else on the market. But when most people think 4 line, think high aspect. Why go with a medium aspect 4 line? Better water relaunch which is key for beginners, tricksters or surf riders. More stability – better for gusty winds and overflying your kite during jumps. More steady pull from deeper in the window – better for wake style tricks. These converted Free Air kites were so good that Wipika decided they should make a kite that was dedicated 4 line with these characteristics, because throughout 2001 and before, Free Air’s were only considered 2 line wake kites or beginners kites. The name of this new kite is HYDRO.

The HYDRO is a dedicated 4 line medium aspect design. It excels in several very different uses. First, it is the best first 4 –line kite for intermediate riders. The medium aspect design insures predictable handling, steady power and effortless relaunch. The easy to use package guarantees fast progression on the water because the more you ride the more you understand that easy is better than “High Tech”. Why is this? The more you have to concentrate on your kite, the less you can concentrate on your board and learning new maneuvers. This is true of finicky designs that require a lot of rider input. The Hydro, on the other hand, is extremely easy and predictable in flight (basically like the Mastercraft at the end of the tow rope – do you ever think about that ?). Combine this with it’s unmatched 4 line water relaunching ability and you have a kite that requires the least added attention. The result ? Intermediate riders learn immeasurably faster than if they were on high aspect designs.

On the complete other end of the spectrum, and no more than a year’s reach out of the intermediate riders, are the advanced tricksters and the surf riders. These riders require kites with the same handling characteristics. Ease of flight while pulling totally committed aerial maneuvers and easy relaunch for when they don’t nail them. If they have to wait for a slow relaunching kite, then they won’t learn as many new maneuvers in a session. If their kite doesn’t relaunch at all, then they won’t progress period. Also important for the tricksters is a steady locked in pull from the kite when it sits in the window. This is critical for pulling “no flick” wake style tricks where the rider just loads against the kite and jumps without sending the kite up. A kite that stays put when you load against it is much easier than a kite that surges forward. The new arsenal of aerial transitions (180 degree turns completed in mid air resulting in the rider landing going the other direction full speed ) requires a kite that has the ability to fly far and then turn quickly in a new direction.

For the surf riders, steady pull, increased turning ability and fast water relaunch spell insane sessions in the waves. Turning ability is critical in the surf. The faster the kite turns, the more precise your waveriding can be. It will also allow you to change directions instantly when choosing a juicy looking wave on the way out. It’s not only how fast the kite turns but how it “feels” in the turns. The Hydro turns so smoothly and predictably, without tugging or surging, that Trip is often seen “pin-wheeling” his 11.5 or 8.9 Hydro while flying down the line. Pin-wheeling is a turning maneuver where the kite is spiraling in circles at the end of the lines to generate constant down the line pull rather than steering your kite back and forth across the window (which takes more time and has lag time). Pin wheeling requires a kite that can basically turrn around itself without traveling too far or else you risk putting the kite in the water. Instant water relaunching is critical because you normally only get seconds before a wave can potentially thrash your kite when it is down. If you’re waiting for your kite to relaunch and it gets washed by a wave, chances are good that it will either get flipped inside out or get damaged or pulled from your hands if the surf is big. Steady pull equates to titantic wake style moves on the way out through the surf. Every 1 foot whitewater becomes the juiciest wakeboard boat wake you’ve ever experienced!

The Hydro is available in sizes 3.2, 4.4, 5.6, 7.1, 8.9, 11.5,13, 15. There’s been some confusion about the sizing being listed as simply 3,4,5,7,9,11,13,15m2. This has revolved around the Americans wanting a simple number and the Euros wanting a techy sounding number. Either way, the kites and the power they produce are the same. The 13 and smaller work best on 27 meters of total line length while the 15 works best on 30 meters of total line length (leaders plus line). 8.9 and smaller can be used with 20meters (total length) for increased performance in the surf. Call us toll free at 866-REAL-KITE for more info, prices and to order yours. We have all 2002 Hydros in stock with special pricing on 8.9’s and 11.5’s!

Free Air 2002
Wipika’s 2/4 line convertible design. No kite is more popular worldwide. No kite has created more good and happy riders. The Free Air defines no hassle performance. At REAL, our two best selling kites are the 8.9 and 11.5 Wipika Free Air. We sell more of these than all the other kites combined. The reason? If you want to get good fast, then go with Free Airs! They can be ridden as two line for learning or wakeboard style riding and can also be converted to four line mode for extended windrange and performance. In the converted 4 line mode, these kites sacrifice no performance. In fact, many riders say they perform even better than dedicated 4 liners. (Trip’s favorite medium air kite is the Free Air 8.9 converted to four line, and he could ride anything.) Maybe this is why Wipika released a whole new kite model based on this design? Free Airs are available in 3.2,4.4,5.6,7.1,8.9,11.5 and 14.9m2 sizes. The small sizes, 7.1 and down, are the easiest high wind kites to use on the market. This translates to good time fun when the wind is cranking (rather than getting your ass kicked by a horrible high wind kite). The larger sizes 8.9 and up are “no brainer” kites that almost fly themselves. The 14.9m2 is the only superblimp on the market that relaunches as easily as an 8.9. Just slack the lines and it’s up! All Free Airs are best flown on 27 to 30 meter lines when ridden 2 line and 20 to 30 meter lines when ridden in 4 line mode. Call us toll free at 866-REAL-548 for more info, prices and to order yours. We have a limited supply of 2001 Free Airs available at unbelievable pricing!

Inferno 2002
Llew’s dedicated 2 line wakeboard machine. The new Inferno blows doors on the shackled 2 strap movement with a rock solid wakeboard stability and record setting 2 line airspeeds. Doubt the performance? Go ride with Llew and try to keep up. True wake maneuvers require a kite that does not move when you load against it. Want to open the door on future moves? Faster turning and flight speeds were required to match the performance of the 4 liners. The new Inferno delivers with high performance 2 line flight characteristics that have been previously unavailable in a kite of this type. Nuzzi broke out the Inferno 6 in Puerto Rico last month and blew minds. He used it medium to high winds and had the 4 line riders baffled. How can such a small helmet handle so much windrange and perform so well?? It’s not big and it’s not macho. What’s the deal?! Nuzzi rode his Inferno 6 in everything from 20-25 knot Jobos waves to 35 knot Parguera liquid smoke. Every time he rode it, people were floored with the airspeed, turning and jumping ability of the kite. No more four line hassles. No more slow sluggish two liners. Now’s the time for Inferno madness! Infernos are available in 5,6,9, and 11m2 sizes. Call us toll free at 866-REAL-548 for more info, prices and to order yours. We have all 2002 Infernos in stock.

NSK 2002
A kite completely dedicated to specific school kite performance. No kite is easier for your first day on the water than the NSK. We don’t sell NSK’s, so don’t get confused. We use them for our school and camp program to accelerate your learning curve. They bounce off the water like a basketball. Basically, you can’t keep them down. They relaunch on their own. Their stability in flight is unmatched in the industry. Their flight is simple and forgiving. Hats off to Wipika for putting the time and effort into a dedicated school kite! NSKs are available in 2,3,4,5,6.5,8.5, 11.0m2 sizes.

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