Why ...Lost Skateboards???? Why Not?

by REAL Watersports

...Lost's Matt Biolos had this to say about the ..Lost Surfskate lineup....

"For years and years people have asked us "Why don't you make skateboards?"

It always seems like a good fit; we've been skating our whole lives. Maybe not tossing kick flips over 10 stairs or flying 6' out of a vert ramp...but skateboarding. To the store, to check the surf, down a slightly scary hill, through an airport, "Off the curbs", an old ditch, skatepark...skateboarding.

Most "surf style" skateboards are labeled rarely proportionate to an actual surfboard. They sure as hell weren't designed or shaped by a surfboard shaper. Even the graphics don't seem like something you'd see on a real surfboard.

These decks are a surf inspired ride that takes skateboarding back to its roots as an offshoot of surfing. All aspects of these decks (outlines, rockers, concaves, and cambers) were created off the same CAD program files as the surfboards and reflect the surfboard models that inspired them. We cut templates and shaped the first prototypes by hand. From these design files and prototypes, we custom created our own molds for each deck to create what we call not "Longboards" or "Cruisers" but our own category "SurfSkates".

These SurfSkates are a direct extension of our surfboard collection; each with a different look, feel, and ride. The goal was simply to capture that stoke we get from riding a ...Lost surfboard and bring it to the streets, driveways, sidewalks, parks, and on the way to or from surfing...or when you just can't get in the water."
-Matt "Mayhem" Biolos

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