The Boys are Back in Town...

by REAL Watersports

The Boys are Back in Town!

REAL Welcomes the Kiteboarder Magazine crew, Tronolone Productions and All of the Riders to "The REAL Slider Park!"

Ben and Dimi, along with many of the top riders came through Cape Hatteras this summer and built and rode the infamous "Camel Toe" Slider. Check out the story and pics in the Newly Released 'Kiteboarder Magazine'!

The word got out to some of the riders who weren't here then, and the guys realized how perfect the setup was at REAL for sliders. The riders just wanted to take a break from all the PKRA-ABC-AK47 dangling comps, to just hang with 'The Boyz', and build what they wanted to ride, pushing each other's progression... They realized it was time to organize another trip to Cape Hatteras!

Jason Slezak No Stranger to sliding in the darkness

Ben and Dimi From 'Kiteboarder' tossed the idea around with Slezy-J and the REAL crew, to bring all of the riders back to Cape Hatteras and the REAL Slider Park, for a week of buildin, chillin, riding, leading up to the first ever "Invitational Slider Comp".

The idea was to bring the world's most progressive slider riders into one place, with the focus of building, riding and sliding the most mental structures in kiteboarding. In addition, they would develop a contest format that would promote their style of progressive riding, allowing them to determine a "winner" or "best rider" for slider structures...

Andre Phillip Full Length Nose Press

Most of the riders started arriving on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week to perfect sunny SSW Cape Hatteras - Slick Conditions. In standard "Pro's Visit Cape Hatteras" fashion- seeing the perfect breeze and sunny skies, the guys got right to work building more sliders.

Mauricio and Slezak tuned up the floation of the "Red Bull" Slider while Jason Stone, Dre and others got going on building a new kicker. As the quality SW continued to blow on day one, the REAL crew and REAL campers sessioned until their bodies ached! Just as they were finishing up and the light began to fade, Nuzzi pulled out the "Red Bull" Slider and "The Deathstar" to entice some participation from the top riders. (REAL campers LOVE watching the Pro's ride the park after their camp day!- Thanks Guys!)

Jason Stone Sunset 50:50

With the bait set, the riders began to realize that they could be riding and sliding rather than hangin and bangin. Hamish led the pack and was charging the rail again and again, often coming off so hot, blind and kitelooping that he would end up right at the feet of the people on the bleachers on the point. Boony and Balls, followed suit and were out right behind Hamish, hitting the rail like a handbrake in a rental car...

As soon as Hamish was on the rail, it was finally noticed how great the conditions were and the others started launching and heading out. Sam Bell showed that he's ridden "The Wall" before and pulled the 360 handlepass over the gap.

Sam Bell 360 Handle Pass Gap The Wall

Dre, who seems to style everything the most, laid down the smoothest full length nose-press I have ever seen, hanging out over the side with only the last couple inches of the nose of his board on the rail.

With the kicker construction nearly completed and paint drying, Slezak, Mauricio and Jason Stone checked out some package placement options before heading out for the last bit of daylight.

The sky was litt up like a dream world and the clouds were reflecting the pink/purple/orange of the sunset. Jason and Slezy joined the others for some quality sliding, well into the darkness. Jason Stone took a few minutes to warm up and then began schooling it with some smooth and tasty 50-50's. Slezak was throwing everything from nose-presses, to gaps, to blind's and anythinng else he could think of, riding and sliding well past sundown.

The next day, with the breeze supposed to go to a quality NE and the sun in the sky... the boys got right back to work, finishing up the build/paint details of the kicker- geting it ready for the afternoon "Pool Party" at KP. While some of the guys hung around and finished the construction, many of the riders and REAL staff (+ Hamish- who knows where the sessions are at!) took some time to charge the ocean for some classic NE downwinders. The riders took multiple sessions along the whole northern coastline from The Ranger Station on Pea Island to the Lighthouse on the Point and everywhere in between!

We finished hitting the lip and charging skatepark style down the line at 30mph just in time to catch up with the gang as they were dropping the new kicker into "The Pool"; a classic Cape Hatteras NE flatwater riding spot on the southside of Kite Point.

Built perfectly to fit onto a trailer, the new REAL kicker is easy to back in, just like a boat trailer, making set up time much quicker! With the kicker in the water, and Slezy and the boys securing it- The "Pool Party" was on!

Dropping the Kicker off at KP

With the kicker positioned right in the lane of The Pool, just downwind of the beach, the guys were able to hang out (and heckle) only inches away from the riders! A Classic Pool Party! Kicker set and everyone starting to charge it-The Handle Pass 360 and the Indy grab seemed to be the favored moves of the day as all of the riders took turns charging the kicker and throwing some.

Bertrand showed that he can adapt his super power style to new features and do every trick anyone else is doing, with style. He laid down his own set of handlepass 3's on the new Slingshot 2005 FUEL's.

Sammy was one of the first to get out there and warmed up to the new kicker quickly, adapting his "Deathstar" Handlepass 3's* to the kicker and riding more than anyone else.

Booney Indy

On Sunday, the crew launched at Ramp 23 just south of Salvo, and sessions the waist high waves with kites and surfboards. Again it was Hamish who was first to the water with Mauricio and his strapless style right behind him..After this session, the crew headed back to "The Pool" for more kicker madness- riding until the sun set into darkness.

Slezy-J, off the kicker, in your face about to grab some Indy. Note Slezy's bindings... That bring's up an interesting question:

Are Binding's coming back? Trip was the one who said it first... everything in this sport is cyclical and comes back around. We are back to the roots of the sport with the growing popularity of strapless riding and kiting on surfboards. As bindings started to fade away from the feet of many riders a over a year ago, Trip always said they would come back... Maybe it is just better for Slider or Wake style riding, but judging on this crowd and their current gear, I think bindings are definitely on the way back... You can note bindings on the feet and boards of these riders this week- Andre Phillip, Moe Goold, Bertrand Fleaury, Mauricio Abreau, Jason Stone, Jason Slezak, Zack Kleppe, and more... Interested in trying bindings?

Australian Grom Charger "Balls" shows the older guys whats coming with his blend of mobe like inverted handle pass 360's off of the kicker. Balls charged it all day everyday and is definitely one to watch in the future...

This shot of Moe is way too far away... That is because I missed the close shots of Moe.. as he was coming off the kicker a little too hot and upwind and right into my face... I ducked out of the way just in time to save my teeth, but unfortunately took the camera to the water in the process as I got knocked down. While I was able to keep it from getting submerged, allowing the salvage of the pictures on the card, the amount of water that entered the camera was more than the electronics could handle, rendering it useless. Thanks to VISA and the growing American Consumer Debt, we were back taking shots the next day.

We'll get a better Moe Close-up shot next time. In the meantime, what I should be shooting are the close-up details of Moe's new LF Signature board- "The Element", which blends the concave bottom of the Drop with the channels and indestructability of the MLF while adding the tip/tail outline of the Lithium... available in a 128cm and 134cm...Damn- I am lusting that 134!

Girls that kiteboard are cool. Especially good looking girls that can ride in the pack with the best riders and ride unhooked. Girls that charge it and ride sliders/kickers are cooler and harder to discover... Girls that ride unhooked, with all the boyz, hit the kicker and grab Indy... all at once.. and with a smile... are Badass! Everyone loves a Badass Chick! Charging the kicker all weekend, Tuva Jansen Shows the other girls how it's done!

Arriving just in time for the first days Pool Party, Martin Vari wasted no time pumping up to get some! Winning the "Most Getto Board Paint Job" award of the event (surprisingly beating Dre) and flying his new RRD Type 6 Kites, Martin charges the kicker and shows us how to do a nice laid out, hips above the bar, Nuclear Glide. The white spray paint graphics package on the bottom of his board says Ciclon, an energy drink no one has heard of around here. Maybe they need to make some stickers or build a new slider for the REAL Slider Park... At least Martin is improvising with a paint can and doing what he can for them...

Boony is infamous... People from many towns and kite communities, across multiple continents have learned to lock their liquer cabinets, hide their daughters and bolt down the pation furniture when Boony comes to town. Eternally trying out for the "Jackass" show and when he is not performing some kind of stunt somewhere else, Boony actually kites well, as is evident from his clean Indy here on the kicker. (At least it's bigger than Tuva's... or we'd have to REAL-ly haze him...

Mauricio Abreau always works it when he is here A man with many skills beyond the riding and sliding, Morris's build skills are top notch, allowing him to help Slezak tune up the "Red Bull" Slider, as well as lead the charge for new construction. When Morris was here last summer he and Slezy worked until 10pm to get the Triple-S slider ready, and then took turns holding it for each other after an anchor broke, as they rode it until 2am.

Here Maurico shows his ever smooth style, coming off the kicker and over the sunset on his wakeskate.

Mauricio Wake Skate off the Kicker

Zack Kleppe is the American Grom of the bunch. An up and coming Slingshot Rider with strong Mobe skills, Zack has been chillin with the crew and learning what the Pro Kiteboarding Lifestyle is all about... and in the process emerged with a shaved head. At age 17, Kleppe is instantly deemed the deignated driver, carting the other boys around Nag's Head when the breeze is light. Amidst the madness, Zack shows he's got the skills, with this 360 Handle Pass off the kicker...

With a few more days in town- and the recent completion of a large new structure- kind of - Dragon Rail Meets the Camel Toe, the fun is just beginning! Stay tuned for more details and pics as it unfolds!

For more info on this Invitational Event call us Toll Free- 866-REAL-548

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