Summer Sticks

by REAL Watersports

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We just received hundreds of new surfboards to fill the racks for the Summer surf season. Here’s a short list of what just showed up:

…Lost Planks: These boards will make you LAUGH at small surf! Really short and wide with a macking diamondtail, the Plank throws your turbo on when the surf is small and dribbly. The need for more juice is over…..

…Lost Black Sheep: This is a new 2011 model based on the popular …Lost Rocket but with less tail rocker and a swallowtail. Great all around hybrid shortboard for 1-6ft surf, better than the Rocket when groveling in the smaller conditions.

…Lost Firewires @ REAL!: We’re stocking the …Lost Stealths and Sub Scorchers in Firewire FST and RapidFire construction to compliment our already strong stock of …Lost PU/Poly customs. Firewire construction means years of performance and durability, plus you can also kitesurf these boards when the wind picks up!

…Lost Stealth Firewire: The ...Lost Stealth combines the low entry rocker and wide rockered out tail of the Rocket, with a performance shortboard nose for less swing weight and less hang up on critical waves. The Stealth is a great “go-to” shortboard that’s easy to ride and catch waves on, but still surfs like a shortboard. The wide tail and 5-fin option really broadens the use of this board. Available in Firewire FST and RapidFire constructions.

…Lost Sub Scorcher Firewire: The …Lost Sub Scorcher is Kolohe Andino’s small wave rip stick for maximizing gutless surf with a high performance design. This board is shorter and wider than your standard shortboard with a wide bump squashtail design. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a pro-only board. The Sub is EASY to surf and catch waves on due to the wider nose and flatter entry rocker. Available in Firewire FST construction. ...Lost Sub Scorchers and Scorchers also available in custom PU/Poly.

Stretch What Bamboo/EPS Tech: These full figured beauties are drawing tons of stares and affection! The What is a versatile all-around shape that can be surfed off the tail or the nose, or anywhere in between. The round nose and flat entry rocker make catching waves a breeze. The bamboo top sheet not only looks drop dead gorgeous, it also dramatically improves the durability of the deck of the board and gives the board a very lively spring out of the turns. Great sizes for Summertime fun. We sized up this order 6’8 up to 7’6, with plenty of foam for GLIDE!

Stretch Quadfish Bamboo/EPS Tech: A timeless design that only gets better when you add Stretch Quads and Bamboo! The Stretch Quadfish flies on fast points and average beachbreaks. This design is “The Original Hybrid” and still one of the best. The bamboo top sheet not only looks drop dead gorgeous, it also dramatically improves the durability of the deck of the board and gives the board a very lively spring out of the turns. The 5’8 has bamboo top and bottom, the 6’0 and 6’2 have bamboo on the deck and airbrushed bottoms.

Resin 8 Egan and Tokoros: Back by popular demand. Resin 8’s high-end construction is so expensive to produce, they had to discontinue it and replace it with something more mainstream! These boards have a VERY loyal following for their lively flex and high durability. We just scooped up the remaining high-end Resin 8s available in North America, but they won’t last long!

Rusty Dwarts: Take a fish nose and match it with a double wing round tail (that’s what DWART stands for) and you get the Rusty Dwart. You can ride the Dwart REALLY short due to the flat deck profile, wide nose and tail, and thicker rails. This board has all the speed of a fish, plus a little extra wave range and the ability to go more vertical thanks to the tail design. Surftech Tuflite construction guarantees YEARS of performance and durability. 5-fin FCS design allows you to tune this board to the conditions or your preference.

Rusty Piranha-5s: The Rusty Piranha is one of the best selling hybrid shortboards of all time. The new Surftech Tuflite Rusty Piranhas feature a new 5-fin design to allow you to tune the boards to the conditions or your preference. You can’t go wrong with this board, it handles 95% of any surf you’ll encounter at most locations. We also have a good selection of the Rusty Piranha Quads available at some nice prices!

Xanadu Gipos Ultraflx: The Gipos is a new hybrid from Xanadu. The Gipos features a wide but pointed nose, wider widths, tapered rails and a nice curvy roundtail. The difference with this board compared to many stubbies is that you can still turn it at warp 9 speeds. 5-fin set up allows you to tune the board to your conditions or your preference. We can’t keep these on the racks. The pricing is really good and the performance is off the charts. Every time we get them in, they vanish!

Robert August Custom Longboards: Robert and Sam August were just at REAL for Endless Summer Weekend, and Robert autographed our entire quiver! We’ve got a good selection of What I Ride Customs, Summer Classics, Retros and also 1 Endless Summer Model 1963 Replica from the original Endless Summer movie. Every board is personally autographed by Robert August and comes with a signed Robert August Endless Summer Weekend poster while supplies last!

USED Surfboards : REAL accepts Used Surfboard Trade-Ins, so our stock is always changing. Right now we have a bunch of great shortboards, fish, hybrids and also one really clean Takayama In the Pink 9’6 longboard….

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