Stretch Super Buzz Kitesurfs

by REAL Watersports

Stretch Super Buzz Kitesurf was developed directly off of the Stretch Super Buzz surfboard with the addition of a stronger glassing schedule, cork composite deck and footstrap inserts so the board can be ridden both strapped and strapless. This board has an incredible underfoot power, top end speed and the ability to drive upwind faster than any other kitesurf board on the market. The Stretch Super Buzz Kitesurf will make the most of lighter winds, soft surf or onshore surf and is the perfect compliment to a pointed nose high performance kitesurf board when building out a two-board kitesurf quiver.

Stretch Super Buzz Kitesurf Tech Specs:
• Cork/EPS Tech construction
• Bullet nose
• Single to DEEP double concave bottom shape
• Parallel outline with tapered rail profile
• Wide tail block

What we like:
First of all, we have to say we really like the way this board came to market. Nuzzi and Trip both got their own Stretch Super Buzz surfboards (for surfing) and were having a blast on them (surfing) all spring and summer long (2013). On several occasions, they found themselves surfing with just enough wind to rig a kite, so they rigged their kites and headed out on their only boards – stock, standard Super Buzz’s built for surfing. What they both found was that this board had INCREDIBLE power, speed and the ability to blaze upwind when most weren’t even rigging yet. Trip being the largest person in the water most days (215lbs) found he could ride a 12m, fly upwind, ride waves, etc when most light and mid weights couldn’t even stay upwind on the same or larger kites.

Taking it to the next level, Trip rode a 9m exclusively as his largest kite since the board had so much power he could essentially build his own apparent wind from the early planing and high top end board speed. While that’s here in Cape Hatteras and Puerto Rico, where the wind has punch, we also took this board on a tour through New England and consistently found that we could ride smaller kites than everyone when it was windy and also be the first kiters on the water when it was light by rigging a 12m. Bottom line is that this board has amazing power underfoot and the ability to plane and accelerate to higher top end speeds, all of this translating to higher angles pointing upwind and more waves on the way back downwind.

What’s the basis of this design and why is a board originally designed for surfing working so well for kitesurfing? Flatter rocker, parallel outline, a wide tail block and a DEEP double concave all add up to a board that is incredibly efficient and lifty, without any of the hobby horsing you get on a board with a curvier outline and more rocker.

Insider info:
The Super Buzz double duties as both a lightwind powerhouse with wicked upwind and speed abilities, plus a fast, maneuverable kitesurf board for then the conditions get better, especially in onshore conditions or small surf, where speed is king. When you are riding it in moderate to higher winds, you will get the best performance with smaller kites than everyone else is riding, even if you are slightly heavier.

Due to the design, this board works especially well as a quad, so that is how all of the Super Buzz kitesurfs are being built, without the center tri fin box, as this would only add weight and drag. The best fins are the Stretch Futures Quads for lightwinds and softer conditions requiring maximum upwind drive. If you using the board in powered conditions, switching out the trailer fins to a smaller set, like the Futures 3.75” trailers will reign in the tail power a bit and bring the board more into high speed/control mode. This is really convenient as it allows you to travel with one board and just an extra set of trailer fins. In this set up, this board will work on most waves around the world with the exception of pitching barrels and riders wanting to get in the most critical sections of those waves where the board will seem a touch flat at such high speeds. Trip used his Super Buzz in this mode at Shacks Beach in Puerto Rico on 2014 7m and 9m Naish Parks and it worked really well in waves up to head high. That’s a HUGE range to cover with one board and just an extra set of trailer fins.

All of the original test boards were standard EPS Tech surfboard construction. The new kitesurf specific Super Buzz’s have an even stronger glass schedule, cork composite deck and footstrap inserts that allow the board to be ridden both strapped and strapless. All of this is still wrapped up into a board that is still considerably lighter than most kitesurf boards. The cork deck does a great job of smoothing out the ride by acting as a shock absorber while it also reinforces the deck structurally. The cork is under the deck fiberglass, not exposed like on the …Lost C3 Cork surfboards, so you still do need to use either wax or traction. Strapless, this board is really balanced both on the water and in the air due to the wider nose and midsections, which make for plenty of footwork room and a nice lifty feel in the air.

Why you want a Stretch SuperBuzz Kitesurf?
You live in a place with very average wind and surf and want to supercharge your kitesurf sessions.

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