Stretch Surfboards, Kitesurfs and SUPS inbound at REAL!

Posted on April 4, 2012 by Trip Forman

The following Stretch Boards are on their way to REAL, landing here beginning the week of April 9th.

All of these boards are EPS Tech construction. The Stretch Kitesurf boards are double glassed EPS Tech. The Stretch Pug Kitesurfs are EPS Tech double glassed with bamboo decks and carbon rails. The Stretch SUPS are also EPS Tech with bamboo decks and carbon rails.

*We are taking pre-orders on the inbound available inventory. If you see something you want, please call us right away to get your name on it.

We also have a good number of pre-sold custom orders on this shipment. If you can’t find your preferred model or dimensions, we can get you to the front of the waiting list with a fast turnaround on your new custom Stretch board.

More about Stretch…Surfing Magazine’s Shaper of the Year. …The man that shapes all of Nathan Fletcher’s death tube machines. …The shaper that has led the kitesurf revolution since 1999. No matter where you look, you will normally see the blue and red Stretch logo leading the charge.

For more info on any of these boards, or to place an order, please call us toll free at 866-REAL-548 or International 252-987-6000.

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