Stretch Custom EPS SUPs Arrive!

by REAL Watersports

The Stretch Custom EPS SUPs have just landed at REAL! These boards look and surf insane. Don't get lost in the high tech appearance of the EPS Carbon Texalium construction and performance chatter about these boards because any ability standup paddleboarder can use them.

Stretch has been sitting back watching all the SUP brands change their shapes to whatever the next brand is doing. All the while he has been tinkering on prototypes in his magic lair back in Santa Cruz with some of the top standup paddleboarders in the world.

What planet did these Stretch SUPS come from?

They came from the land where everything is strong and light. As with his EPS Tech surfboard construction, Stretch is pushing the envelope with his custom standups by using the highest quality EPS foam blank, Texalium, Carbon rail wraps, and he is lighting them up with a red or blue resin tint. This translates to the lightest and strongest board on the market that looks like nothing that anyone has ever seen. The carbon rail wrap will keep the rails from chipping from constant hits from the paddle, and the Texalium gives the body of the board the structure to protect from heel dents, reef hits or even dropping it off your car.

The Stretch Custom SUPS are the strongest standups that we have ever used. The prototype we got over a year ago still looks the same as the day it came out of the box.

What size and shape Stretch SUP is right for me?

Stretch designed two different shapes for two different riders. He made a performance oriented Swallow Tail and a longboard style Diamond Tail.

The Swallow Tail boards are smaller than 10' and come with a 4 +1 fin configuration. This allows you to ride it as a quad or thruster fin set up. The Swallow will excel in waist high or larger surf, and it will work best if you want to maximize your wave count. This board will never hold you back.

The Stretch Custom EPS SUPs won't last long, so place your order today by calling REAL toll free at 1.866.REAL.548.

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