Stretch EPS Cork Kitesurfs

by REAL Watersports

The Stretch Thing is the #1 choice for optimizing performance on the wave face. The Thing outline comes from Stretch’s Fletcher-4, but is then shrunk down to smaller sizes. A slightly wider nose keeps the board more balanced, and allows them to be ridden shorter.

• Cork laminate for extra strength and vibration absorbtion.
• Diamond Tail
• Tri/quad 5-fin set up

What we like:
This board can be ridden strapless or strapped. Equipped with 5 FCS fusion boxes, you can ride your Thing either tri or quad fin set up. The Diamond Tail provides a clean exit and extra power for average surf without adding too much area for the big days.

These boards are all custom made by Stretch in the USA starting with a Marko Foam EPS 2lb density EPS Blank. They are laminated with high end fiberglass cloths using UV stable Resin Research Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin. The all cork laminate adds extra strength and vibration absorption. The finished product is truly a work of art and is why Stretch received Surfing Magazine's Shaper of the Year Award.

Too many "wana-be" kitesurf boards come with plastic fins. Why? To keep the price down. We know that price and performance many times don't overlap. That is why these boards come standard with FCS Performance Core (PC) Stretch 5-fin set, a $120 retail value.

Insider Info:
The Stretch EPS Tech Kitesurfs are designed and constructed to be a durable product when kitesurfing on the wave, whether strapped or strapless. They are not constructed for 30ft airs to flat landings. By focusing the design and construction on wave performance rather than being dropped off buildings, you get a board that flexes on the wave and performs at a much higher level compared to much heavier and stiffer boards.

Why is CORK so good?
Three main reasons: Cork reinforces the deck of the board while absorbing vibration and remaining flexible. This flexibility allows the cork to be wrapped around the rails for even more durability and the board also remains flexible and responsive in the turns. Prior to cork, many board makers used high density foam for deck durability. While the high density foam added durability to the deck, it actually enhanced vibration and was very stiff. The move to cork on these boards is a big deal and is felt immediately on your first ride.

Why you want the Stretch Thing Kitesurf Board:
If you are looking for the ultimate strapped and strapless wave riding machine…this is it!

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