Stretch Cork/Carbon SUP

by REAL Watersports

Surfing Magazine Shaper of the Year William “Stretch” Riedel knows how to make the world’s best SUPS, both from a design AND construction point of view.

Looking inside the world of SUP, there seems to be an alarming trend to go shorter at the sake of performance. “I can fit my board in the trunk of my car!” “Yea, but it can’t draw out a legit bottom turn, everything looks bobbled.” Step in Surfing Magazine Shaper of the Year award winner William “Stretch” Riedel, a man that truly knows the art of curves and is also a mad scientist with regards to board constructions….

Stretch Cork/Carbon SUP Tech Specs
• Full forward outline, spiral vee with rolled rail bottom shape
• Laminated cork deck
• Carbon rails
• 4+1 fin set up
• Marko EPS double stringer blank
• Resin Research epoxy resin and S-Glass construction
• Available in lengths 8’0 up to 10’0

What we like:
Let’s get straight to the cork deck because we know that’s what you want to know about. Stretch uses cork on all of his high-speed boards and boards prone to vibration. This includes his world famous tow boards and guns, as well as kitesurf boards and SUPs. The cork acts as a vibration-dampening layer and provides a silky smooth ride even in bumpy conditions. This improves control and reduces rider fatigue. The cork layer also has structural crush strength comparable to high-density foams and replaces these layers, as high density foam actually increases vibrations rather than dampening them. Big improvement. The cork decks on all Stretch boards are laminated underneath S-glass, so on this board you will use a deckpad and/or wax for traction.

The next big hurdle Stretch conquered was finding a solution for all the paddle chips and dings along the rail. This is a HUGE problem on production boards with epoxy painted rails. The carbon rail is super durable against chipping or dinging caused by paddle hits. We have carbon railed Stretch SUPs in our quivers with three solid seasons use and no damage to rails! These rails also increase spring out of the turns and provide additional strength to prevent buckles and breakage.

Last but definitely not least, lets talk about the shape. Stretch is a celebrated master shaper with devout followers around the world. He also has won the coveted Shaper of the Year award from Surfing Magazine. This board maximizes volume and stability per length without throwing performance under the bus. Lots of width and stability up forward, tapering into a narrower, thinner, double wing swallowtail. You can run the board as a quad, 2+1, or equal tri to tailor the performance to your home break or ride preference. This design excels in anything from small mushy points, to average beach breaks to hurling overhead barrels like Puerto Escondido where Stretch shapes have won many a contest.

Insider Info:
We don’t like the trend to ride boards so small, most riders are on their knees most of the time and then when they can catch a wave, the board’s turns are jerky and bobbled because the outline curve is wrong. What good is a super short standup if you can’t actually standup on it or make a proper bottom turn? The Stretch designs take this into account and draw an incredibly smooth outline curve onto a board with generous volume and stability. The result is that you can go short, but remain standing and still draw mean lines on the waves.

Why you want a Stretch Cork/Caron SUP:
Your flatwater quiver is dialed and you want a specialized surf SUP that rips. The Stretch Cork/Carbon SUPs are in a league by themselves.

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