Spring has Sprung at REAL!

Posted on February 25, 2011 by Trip Forman

“…Warm SW winds three times in one week. Air temps regularly in the mid 60’s. Ocean water temps warming up from 40f to 56f in two days…..”

It’s been a long, dark, cold, snowy, icy winter. Who’s with me here?!

Even here in Cape Hatteras, three months straight of daily air temps in the 20’s and water temps hovering between frozen solid and 40f. After a while it all began to seem normal. Just grab the 6/5/4mm hooded winter suit, 7mm round toe boots and 5mm mitts and get after it! Then it got even colder. There were no SW warm and windy days. There were no SE winds to blow in the warm Gulfstream currents. Then we were wading through knee-deep snow to even get to the water…

The dark, long tunnel known as Winter seemed to have no end….

Then Winter started to break. First the light at the end of the tunnel became visible. Then it even warmed your face from the perfect angle. Then one day, it even sunburned your face! Looking out the end of the tunnel, you could see trees bending over from roaring SW winds. Those same trees began to grow leaves proving that there was life beyond the giant freeze. The sun warmed the tunnel and the howling winds echoed like a giant bass tube. We made our way toward the light, towards the sun and towards the warmth…..then last week….

We exited the tunnel called Winter!

Now that we’re on the other side, we have to say, "IT’S NICE OUT HERE!" Warm SW winds three times in one week. Ocean water temps warming up from 40f to 56f in two days. Hey, you could even rig up on the beach in t-shirts and jeans. Nuzzi riding The Slick in boardshorts. Trip hitting the Southside ocean downwinders, no boots in a 3/2mm. Sessions at dawn. Sessions at lunch. Session days. Split-shift sessions. 2011 new gear sessions. Surf in the morning, kite in the afternoon sessions. This stuff feels good!!!!!

The next 10 days are showing highs regularly in the 60’s and lows above 45f. What a relief! We just had a solid NE blow for three days, now its CRANKING SW winds in the lid 30’s and warm. The next 4 weeks are going to see more of the same, with the winds howling as they usher in the changing of the seasons here in Cape Hatteras!

Oh wait….You still have 4 feet of snow on the ground? It’s still 10 degrees there? You can still drive an 18-wheel truck over the frozen ice where you normally kite? No problem….

Time for an early season road trip to Cape Hatteras! On average, Cape Hatteras is 6-8 weeks ahead of New England as far as warming springtime temps. This means our March 1st is more like your April 15th – 30th, and sometimes even warmer. Take advantage of special rates at Watermen’s Retreat and kite The Slick every day. The REAL Lesson Center is OPEN and we’ve had lessons on the water every day this week. We’d be stoked to have you down so we’d have more people to take sessions with!

Can’t make it? That’s ok. We just wanted to let you know that Winter will end, and the snow will melt, and the ice will thaw. It’s just going to be another 6-8 weeks, so hang in there!

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