Slingshot Misfit Vs. Asylum - Reviews & Comparison

by REAL Watersports

The Slingshot Advantage

Three years ago Slingshot moved their twintip kiteboard production over from China and set up base next to their HQ in Hood River, OR. Moving to the USA allowed them to keep a really close eye on quality, develop their own production/design techniques and to really stand behind the products they make.

All of their twintips have full wood cores made from “Columbia Gold” and custom graphics that really set Slingshot boards apart. Led by Tony Logosz, board design is a collective effort from the whole Slingshot team and having the factory in Hood River allows Slingshot to continually tweak design and test the resulting prototypes. The team at the factory is able to finish 60 boards per day and each one only takes 3 days to make from scratch!

Not surprisingly, Slingshot are really proud of their production process. I asked Bryan Trullinger (COO at Slingshot) about the whole process: “The level of quality and continuous improvement we can put in is amazing. That just can’t happen if you have to send information to China all the time and wait for them to send boards back! The whole process allows us to make products that we’re really proud of.”

That's a pretty amazing operation - no wonder Slingshot twin tips made the cut for our 5 favorite products made in the USA.

2014 Slingshot Misfit:

Misfit: mis·fit, noun, a person who's behavior or attitude sets them apart from others.

Translation: You can try any board you like - it won't ride quite like the Misfit.

Check out the video review below and then read the full 2014 Misfit review here.

2014 Slingshot Asylum:

Asylum: a·sy·lum, noun, an institution for the maintenance and care of people requiring special assistance.

Translation: If you're wired a little differently and like to go bigger and harder than everyone else - add the Asylum to your quiver and you'll be in safe hands.

Check out the videos below and then read the full 2014 Asylum review here.

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2 thoughts on “Slingshot Misfit Vs. Asylum - Reviews & Comparison”

  • danny round

    can you send me a asylum to barcelona spain? and a rally 14

    • Toby

      Hi Danny,

      Many thanks for getting in touch with us and its great news that you are looking to get setup with some Slingshot gear! You have quite the combo worked out and both the board and kite will be ideal for getting out there in the lighter winds and still working on tricks and progression.

      The best way that we can get all this gear to you is with USPS - give us a call for exact pricing.

      Looking forward to getting you on the water.