Slingshot Kiteboarding Gear Packages

Posted on January 17, 2011 by Trip Forman

Slingshot KEY HD 13m Kite with Slingshot Darko 135cm Kiteboard : $1,099 Complete!

Slingshot KEY HD 10m Kite with Slingshot Darko 132cm Kiteboard : $999 Complete!

Ride it on the water, ride it on the snow. Can’t believe the price?! Either can we! This is REAL and this is happening right now, so don’t miss out!

Slingshot KEY HD Kite with Slingshot KEYCHAIN Control Bar:

The Slingshot KEY HD kite is for the rider who demands safety, convenience, stability and effortless relaunch in an easy, no hassle package. The Key HD features unmatched range, superb upwind-ability and instant depower.

The Slingshot KEY HD features the Hybrid Delta canopy.
Benefits to the freeride minded rider are unmatched range, superb upwind-ability, easy water relaunch, instant 100% depower and safety in a clean uncomplicated package.

Slingshot KEY HD Kite Package includes KEY HD Kite, KEYCHAIN Control Bar, Slingshot Jenna-J Pump with Air Pressure Gauge, Kite Bag, and Safety Leash.

“This is an unbelievable package for an unbeatable price. Why go with used gear when you can get it all new for under $1k??! We like the Slingshot KEY HD kite first and foremost because it’s a Slingshot proven product with One Pump inflation and an industry leading safety system. Match this with super easy relaunch, excellent stability and easy upwind riding and you have a recipe for success.” – Trip Forman REAL Co-Founder

Slingshot Darko Twin Tip Kiteboard:

The Slingshot Darko Kiteboard features the revolutionary Fast Track stance adjustment system. This system allows quick and effortless adjustments of your footstrap or binding placements, allowing you to dial in your ride like never before! The Slingshot Darko has a wider square tail design for solid pop. The straighter outline produces a board that is VERY stable at high speeds and what does that mean? Even more POP!

Progression and evolution are key elements to building confidence and ultimate success in learning how to kiteboard. Having the right tool at the right price is equally important.

One last note, while almost every product in America is made in China, the Slingshot Darko Kiteboard is made in the USA!

The Slingshot Darko Twin Tip Kiteboard Comes Complete with Board, Fins, Handle, Pads and Straps.

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