Roberts The iLL

Posted on July 9, 2013 by Trip Forman

Roberts The Ill Surfboard

Roberts get to cut all the fat on high performance boards like the ILL. This board is an all around workhorse for good waves and good surfers. It’s not extreme by any measure so has more range on the bottom and top than you would think. When the surf and you’re ability are up to it, the ILL is a board that has no hang ups anywhere on the wave.

ILL Tech Specs:
• Moderate HP Nose Width
• Moderate Entry Rocker with Roberts Flip
• Single Concave Bottom Shape
• Foiled Rails
• Dedicated Tri Fin

What we like:
This board is a modern re-incarnation of high performance boards that used to be worthless, very narrow ranged and only for the top 1% of surfers in the world. How do you take that performance level and broaden it out both in surf conditions and ability levels down to solid intermediate surfers? The nose is slightly wider and then an extra 1/8” of width is carried back to a slight bump squash tail out the back. This gives the board easier paddling, a straighter outline thru the center for more drive and a nice pivot off the top. It still retains it’s lightning fast rail to rail response and limitless fit in the bowl, all the while grabbing more waves and opening the doors to this level of performance for many more surfers. Can you grovel on this board or get it as your first shortboard? No. Roberts has broadened the range, but not that far at the expense of loosing top end maneuverability and speed.

What we don’t like:
Boards like this are often tied to the WCT Pros who ride them. Who rides the ILL? Exactly. All of Roberts team riders, plus many of his die hard customers keep an ILL in their quiver for when the surf gets GOOD to EPIC. Every ILL we’ve sent out the door has come backs two thumbs up even for advanced intermediate level surfers. The ILL flies well under the radar without a world ranked guy (or girl) riding one, but for those in the know, it’s definitely a board to check out to open your performance window in good surf conditions.

Why you want The ILL:
You want a board that will actually keep up with your mindsurfing. You’re confidently surfing hybrids and step down boards and want to take the next step towards limitless surfing and speed.

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