Roberts The Anything

Posted on July 9, 2013 by Trip Forman

Roberts The Anything

Roberts drew the lines of the Anything by combining his Diamond Fish nose with a Modern 80’s tail. The result is a board that has the mush and glide potential of a fish with the turning and control of a squash tail performance board. You can ride this board off your front foot or back foot and the difference is really noticeable especially when jamming a really tight turn or snap. The Anything is an incredibly versatile one board quiver.

Anything Tech Specs:
• Full hybrid nose with flatter rocker and tip flip
• Single to double concave bottom shape
• Bump wing squash tail
• 5-fin : works as a tri, quad, twin plus trailer or twin

What we like:
When most board brands are pushing multi board quivers, it’s refreshing to see a board that can handle it all and work really well for 95% of the surfers out there. The Diamond Fish nose has always has some nice curvy lines and is a great design for paddling, catching waves and increasing your glide over the flat spots. You can hammer your front foot super hard and the board only goes faster. The problem with most fish is that they get going super fast and can’t slow down (or turn vertical). The Anything solves this by utilizing a bump wing squash tail to give a pivot point in the turn and reduce area behind your back foot for more control. Single to double concave bottom shape gives this board speed out of the gate, plus quick release off the top, especially when you combine it with the bump wing outline. As soon as you see one of these boards, you appreciate everything that’s going on and want one.

*A lot of people ask what’s the difference between the Anything and the Mutant? The Anything has a proportionately wider/thicker nose with less tail area, while the Mutant has more area (power) out the back. This makes the Mutant a slightly better board for consistently small surf, while the Anything is more of a Swiss Army Knife, working in anything.

What we don’t like:
When you can replace three boards with one, there’s not much to dislike. If you like sleek foiled noses or tons of rocker, you need to look elsewhere, otherwise get ready to ride the same board most of the time and really get it wired.

Why you want an Anything:
Simplicity rules. One board for everything with the Anything.

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