Roberts Black Punt

Posted on July 8, 2013 by Trip Forman

Roberts Black Punt Surfboard

Roberts came up with the Black Punt design by morphing the Black Diamond nose to the standard shortboard squash tail out the back. The result is a board with great paddling and wave catching ability combined with insane performance on waves thigh high and bigger. The Black Punt is the choice stick for Roberts Team riders Torrey Meister, Dallas Tolson and Brad Harrell, and makes the perfect one up compliment to the Roberts White Diamond or similar style board.

Black Punt Tech Specs:
• Fuller high performance nose with flatter entry rocker
• Single to double concave bottom shape
• Powerful squash tail

What we like:
The Black Punt is a high performance shortboard built for fun and better conditions rather than just the epic days. With so much emphasis on hybrids and grovelers over the past three years, it’s nice to get back on a high performance shortboard that’s nearly as easy to surf but with way more performance potential. The good surfers start ripping on this board in thigh high surf and the average guys will love it waist high and bigger. Dallas Tolson is an absolute nut on this thing in almost anything and it’s a blast watching him on what he calls “his favorite board of all time”. Even big guys like Robert Weiner himself keep a Black Punt in their quiver for when his White Diamond maxes out and he needs something to fit into more curve and punch. Single to double concave give this board solid speed plus quick release off the top.

What we don’t like:
The stock dims are a little lean for the bigger guys, even in the longer lengths. The longer lengths seem to work really well for the tall and lean to moderate weight surfers (up to 190lbs or so) but above that custom order is the call. Since Robert rides one of these himself (and rocks out at 220lbs), no problem sizing it correctly with the custom route.

Why you want a Black Punt:
You want to up your game in fun and better surf. This board PERFORMS in waves thigh high to 1-2’ overhead.

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  • Will says:

    Picked up somebody's custom Black Punt (Charlie's to be specific) when you guys had a sale in the early summer. It is wider(5/11 x 19.25) than the stock dims and seems just my size (5'10 x 180). I have surfed down in my area, Atlantic Beach, but got an opportunity to put in some tubes this weekend up your way. If I wanted to add a little more control and precision in a steep pocket, in your opinion should I look for another board in Roberts' line, tweak the Black Punt with Roberts' or move over to Beach Buggy? I have found that it is a really carvey board and works great down my way on our chest high + or at lined up lefts at the lighthouse groin that are not super kegs. For it carves and carries a lot of speed down the line while loosening up at the top. But loosening up at the top and being a more squared up bottom turn to vertical hit are not quite the same. So compared to my Grocket it drives faster and is more carvey but is more difficult to squared up top to bottom turns. But there were a few times this weekend where I would have preferred a little more control in the square tubes and vertical turns off the bottom. I'm sure most of it is operator's error. Im running AM2 RTM fins with a EA trailer fin. Please feel free to just tell me that it is me and that your team riders do not have this experience. That alone is helpful. I'm feeling its magic when I'm taking a more lined up and swoopy approach but would like to give Roberts another try if there is a little tweak that works. Thanks.

    Posted on October 15, 2013 at 5:05 pm

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