REAL Slider Park Contest

Posted on August 6, 2004 by Trip Forman

REAL Slider Park Contest

What: REAL Slider Park Contest
Where:The Slick, Cape Hatteras, NC
When: September 8 – 18 , 2004
Sponsors: REAL kiteboarding, Kiteboarder Magazine, Outer Beaches Realty, Tronolone Productions

Right on the heels of their groundbreaking Spring time trip to the Outer Banks, Australia’s Kiteboarder Magazine helps organize an all slider contest at the world famous REAL Slider Park. As modern contests in other sports have evolved, they have moved to better venues with longer waiting periods to insure riders of premium conditions for the event. Transitions to contests of these sorts have produced unbelievable results and have helped to push these sports to new heights.

Following this trend, Kiteboarder Magazine came up with the idea of running a contest with this format focusing on the new realm of Sliders and Kickers. They wanted an event where the world’s top freeriders (not necessarily the same as the worlds best contest riders) could come and push the limits of the sport. A place where riders could get away from the contest “scene” and really grow their riding and have fun with their friends. Cape Hatteras and REAL Kiteboarding were chosen as the location for this new groundbreaking event.

This is an invite only, all slider contest to be run over the course of a ten day waiting period. The course will contain all of REAL Kiteboarding’s world famous sliders and kickers oriented in a downwind format. All runs will be filmed and each rider will be allowed to choose what they think is their best run. The chosen runs will then be judged by all riders involved to choose an overall winner for the event.

Invited Riders:
Martin Vari
Moe Gould
Hamish Macdonald
Jaime Herraiz
Jason Slezak
Bertrand Fleury
Sam Bell
Jason Stone
Andre Phillip
Jeff Tobias
Mauricio Abreu
Stav Niarchos
Zack Kleppe
Cam Anderson
Mike Norman

Spectators: Spectators are encouraged to come watch this ground breaking event from REAL’s Lesson Center in Waves, NC. Admission is free and all pros will be on site. Launching from REAL is only allowed to contest participants and REAL Lesson and Camp clients. As this event is spread over 10 full days, the nature of the event is much more relaxed with less emphasis on ground facilities, music, etc and more on the building, riding, and filming of new sliders and kickers. In a nutshell, come witness the world’s best kiteboarders hanging out, building sliders, and riding them at the best flat water venue in the world,…”The Slick”.

The Sliders: All the REAL rails will in the water including the new 60ft long REAL Camel Toe featured in Liquid Force’s new video “Relentless”.

Included in this list of rails and kickers are:
Camel Toe
The Wall (Red bull)
Triple S
Kicker to Windsurfer
Island Gap
Dragon Tail

The Course: The sliders and kickers will be set up along a downwind course allowing riders to hit all the rails in one “run” much like a wakeboard contest. Riders will be filmed as they make their way down the run. Riders will review tapes and choose the winner among their peers.

The Movie
Tronolone Productions is flying here from Hawaii to film the event. Many of you know Tronolone from their movies High, Awake, Unhooked, Space Monkeys, Conspiracy Theory, Kiteboarding 101 and 201, etc. Footage from the weeks riding will appear in Tronolone’s next video.

Everyone at REAL Kiteboarding would like to send out a big thanks and welcome all of these great riders to our backyard! We hope the wind and weather cooperate to produce a world class event!

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