REAL releases Kitesurfing Instructional DVD!

by REAL Watersports

REAL Kiteboarding is proud to announce the early October release of our long awaited Kitesurfing DVD. SURF is the 4th title in the REAL Instructional DVD Series.

The REAL SURF DVD is 100% dedicated to kiteboarding instruction in the waves. Whether this is your first session in the surf, your 100th session in the surf or even if you are just learning to get your very first rides in the surf, every rider will get a ton of information and improve their riding abilities from the REAL SURF DVD.

Check out the triple stacked content in the REAL SURF DVD:

Surf 101
Safety Concerns, Lateral Current, Rip Current, Tides, Swell Types, Wave Types, Bottom Contour, Wave Sets, Wave Periods, Buddy System, Where To Ride.

Surf Sessions
Surf Circuits, Duck Diving, First Sessions, Entering and Exiting the Surf, Riding through Waves, Whale Watches, Surf Turns, Downwinders, Staying Upwind, Self Rescue.

Surf Skills
Waveriding, Wave Jumping, Surfing Technique, Frontside and Backside Riding, Kite Timing, Looping Kite for Power, Gear Options, Freestyle in the Surf, Aerials, Barrels.

Bonus Section
Keeping it Surfside, Equipment for Ocean Riding, REAL Coaches Tips, 5 DVD Series Action, Cape Hatteras Downwinder, Triple-S DVD Preview, Outside Magazine Awards, The Moorings.

Here are some thoughts from the REAL Crew on the new REAL SURF DVD:

“SURF was fimed during our epic trip to the BVIs last Winter. We had the best boats from The Moorings and scored the best waves and wind of the season. It was truly an epic trip that I will never forget. After watching the final cut of SURF, I can tell you that there has never been anything like the SURF DVD in the kiteboarding market. It instructs the viewer on everything about ocean kiteboarding from A to Z. Knowing that riding in the surf is top among most intermediate kiteboarder's goals, we expect that this will be an extremely popular title in our REAL DVD series. Have fun watching it, because we sure had fun making it !!!!” - Trip Forman

"The Surf DVD takes your ocean riding to the max. Nothing has been left out of this instructional. Turns, duck diving, navigation, aerials, off the lip, wave anatomy, and many more ocean skills are covered. If you're looking to take the next step and start riding in the ocean, the REAL Surf DVD will sharpen your awareness of kiting in the ocean." - Justin Davis

"No matter what your level is, you will be stoked to have the new SURF DVD. Between the all of the cross angle footage, the pristine Caribbean colors, the dynamic instruction and the general stoke, you will be hopping off your couch and booking a kiteboarding/surfing trip. From the basics to the elite, the SURF DVD brings it all. Even my mom will be stoked!! Finally she will understand why I skimp every penny for my next surf trip and am constantly searching the planet for kiteable/surfable waves!!" - Brittainy Wright

“POV stands for “Point of View”. The SURF DVD is packed with POV video footage so you can see what YOU will be experiencing first hand from the riders view. Whether it be going out over the whitewater, jumping, or riding waves, we took the time to get every angle so you can see what you will be experiencing in the waves. POV footage is a huge advantage when watching instructional dvds like SURF. See it on your TV like you are out there with us in SURF!”
- Matt Nuzzo

“I speak with a lot of riders who want to start kiteboarding in the surf but don't know how to get started. The new SURF DVD is the answer with tons of good information and instruction, most importantly, given in the right order with great coaches. After watching the final cut of SURF, I can't believe how much invaluable information it contains and how far it will get people in their learning curves. SURF is an unbelievable DVD that will benefit 99% of the riders out there!” - Tommie Kogut

""Whether you are trying to learn how to get out into the surf for your first time or you want to learn how to aggressively smack an overhead wave, the REAL Surf Instructional DVD will have something for everyone! The Moorings boat trip that we took to the BVI's to film the Surf DVD was the most amazing trip that I have ever taken in my life. Incredible boats, amazing conditions, good times, and great friends! I can't wait to go back again!!” - Jason Slezak

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