Introducing Version 2.0 Of The REAL Kiteboarding Instructional Series

by Pete Hardie

Version 2.0 of our instructional series has landed! Shot on location at the REAL Lesson Center in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, the REAL instructional series includes new gear, new teaching methods, incredible action and learning tools.

Zero 2 Hero:

Whether you’re new to the sport of kiteboarding, or have friends who are asking you how to get into the sport, Zero 2 Hero is THE WAY! This DVD covers rank beginner to self sufficient rider. It's available both as a DVD and a digital download.


Evolution is the perfect intermediate level instructional DVD picking up where Zero 2 Hero leaves off. Topics include beach flying and review, first solo sessions, circuits, downwinders, board ride class, riding stance, transitions, riding upwind and more! It's also available as a DVD and a digital download.

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