REAL releases JOYRIDE Instructional DVD!

by REAL Watersports

JOYRIDE : Aggressive Riding, Turning and Jumping!

The REAL Joyride DVD is receiving high acclaim for riders worldwide. Step aboard our REAL BVI Adventure and improve your riding TODAY!

REAL Kiteboarding is proud to announce the release of our JOYRIDE Instructional Kiteboarding DVD. The JOYRIDE DVD is based on the content of our REAL JOYRIDE Kite Camp. The JOYRIDE DVD covers the topics of aggressive riding, turning and jumping.

Joyride is the 3rd title in our REAL Kiteboarding Instructional DVD series:

Zero 2 Hero : Rank beginner through self-sufficient rider
Evolution : First sessions through staying upwind
Joyride : Aggressive riding, turning and jumping
Surf : 100% dedicated Kitesurfing Instructional
Triple-S : “Surf, Slicks and Sliders” : Expert to Pro Level.

“We teamed up with The Moorings for the shooting of the REAL Joyride and Surf DVDs. The video shoot was held aboard 3 50 foot sailing yachts in the beautiful (and windy/wavy!) British Virgin Islands. 15 days straight of wind and waves, 24 hrs a day. It was a trip of a lifetime ! Not only is the Joyride instructional footage and content worlds ahead of anything previously offered,…the colors, lifestyle and action clips will blow your mind! The REAL Joyride DVD makes you feel like your TV just received a whole new download of color palettes!!!” - Trip Forman REAL Kiteboarding Co-Founder

Why is the JOYRIDE DVD so good?
The JOYRIDE DVD is perfect for intermediate kiteboarders looking to improve their riding level from base level riding to unleashing their style and becoming an avid, aggressive kiteboarder.

JOYRIDE DVD topics include:

Joyride Riding
Self launches and landings
Boat launches and landings
Stance Review
Riding in Control
Riding Faster
Powerful Turns
Riding in a Crowd

Joyride Jumping
Progressive Edge
Load and Pop
Air Transitions

Joyride Tricks
Boosting Grab
Load and Pop Grab
Back Roll Hooked In
Front Roll Hooked In
How to Build on These Tricks
Intro to Unhooked Tricks

Joyride Continued Education
Gear: Wakeskates, Surfboards, Strapless
Gear: Different Kites, Bars, Line Length, Changing your Style
Progression: Lessons, Camps
Travel: New Spots, Travel Trips

"The Joyride DVD will take the weekend warrior kiteboarder from just cruising around on the water to having some REAL fun! For everything from simply wanting to carve harder turns to learning air transitions and different jumps and spins, the Joyride DVD will get you there." - Jason Slezak REAL Team Rider and Coach

When you get done watching the main sections of the JOYRIDE DVD, don't forget about the triple stacked JOYRIDE Bonus Section !

JOYRIDE DVD Bonus sections include :

Dialing in Your Gear
Kites, Quiver Building, Boards, Bars and Harness.

REAL Coaches Tips
Learn from all our REAL Coaches in the BVIs. Pick their brains and harvest their knowledge!

Slezy-J Grab Tutorial
Jason Slezak, the recognized world leader of style, unleashes the GRAB lesson of all time!

BVI Action Kiteboarding

Specific Focus
The new Joyride DVD specifically focuses on aggressive riding, turning and jumping. Special graphic and video effects burn images in your mind that you will take to the water and air forever ! The instructional content, video footage, graphics and organization make learning these new riding techniques and maneuvers incredible easy and efficient !

“The new REAL JOYRIDE DVD is in a class by itself. Not only was the trip to the BVIs one of my best trips in my life, the instructional footage, content and graphics are what you have come to expect from REAL. Not only does the JOYRIDE DVD cover jumping, it also covers jumping with style, grabs, spins, even a grab tutorial with style master Jason “Slezy-J” Slezak. The boat launch and landing section is priceless for those looking to launch off of boats this year.. Between all the action, all the instruction and all the COLOR, the JOYRIDE DVD is one that will be a guaranteed favorite of anyone who sees it!” - Matt Nuzzo REAL Kiteboarding Co-Founder

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