Mulcoy and Scheid join REAL International Team!

by REAL Watersports

REAL welcomes Brandon Scheid and Josh Mulcoy to the REAL International Team!

REAL Watersports is proud to welcome our very own Brandon Scheid to the REAL International Kite Team and Santa Cruz, California ripper Josh Mulcoy to both the REAL International Kite Team and the REAL International Surf Team!

Brandon Scheid has shown an amazing amount of progression this year, working his way to the top of the international scene with his 2nd Overall result at the 2009 Triple-S Invitational and a ton of insane coverage all around the world in the past few months. Last year, Brandon took down the Best Session Award at the 2008 Triple-S. Brandon is a man on a mission when it comes to kiteboarding! He can be seen throwing down in The REAL Slick or hitting the REAL Dock Rail on his Liquid Force Hi-Fi’s, Havocs, and Influence 138 with Synergy bindings each and every chance he gets. You will be sure to see more of Brandon in the world of kiteboarding for years to come!

Josh Mulcoy has been a professional free-surfer for years and is also at the forefront of the kitesurfing. Josh currently surfs professionally for Fox Surf, Vans, Dakine, Kaenon, Stretch and.. REAL Watersports! Josh has a pro model surfboard with both Surftech (Mulcoy 6’0 in TL2 construction) and Stretch (“S2” in EPS & EPS Tech construction) and is very well respected in the surf industry. Josh also kites professionally for Liquid Force and focuses on wave riding all over the world on his Liquid Force Havoc’s and his LF EPS Rawson Quad, pushing the limits of riding waves with and without a kite. With all of these major brands united around Josh’s push at the forefront of surf and kite, it is no wonder he is such a featured athlete in almost any magazine you pick up.

Brandon and Josh will be representing the REAL brand both locally and globally. Stop by the REAL Flagship Store to say hi to the REAL Team, or better yet join Brandon, Josh, and the rest of the REAL Team on one of our REAL travel trips throughout the year. REAL is excited to have Brandon and Josh as part of our international team and looks forward to helping them achieve their future goals as professional athletes.

REAL Kiteboarding International Team
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Brandon Scheid
Josh Mulcoy

REAL Kiteboarding National Team
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