REAL releases EVOLUTION Instructional DVD

by REAL Watersports

EVOLUTION : First Sessions through Riding Upwind

REAL Kiteboarding is proud to announce the release of our Evolution Instructional DVD. Evolution is the 2nd title in our 5 DVD instructional series and covers first water sessions through riding upwind. The 5 DVDs in the REAL Instructional Series are:

Zero 2 Hero : Rank beginner through self-sufficient rider
Evolution : First sessions through staying upwind
Joyride : Aggressive riding, turning and jumping
Surf : 100% dedicated Kitesurfing Instructional
Triple-S : “Surf, Slicks and Sliders” : Expert to Pro Level.

"Evolution is the kind of instructional DVD that this sport needs. No matter which teaching system you had for your first lessons, this DVD will help you review the fundamentals that it takes to get to the next level." James Brown Kiteboarder Magazine

Following the HUGE success of REAL's Zero 2 Hero DVD, currently the number #1 instructional DVD in the world, Evolution blazes the path to success for novice and intermediate riders. The Evolution DVD uses a faster paced instructional style for this level of riding, allowing more time on the water, more riding footage and more progression.

“The footage for Evolution was shot in Cape Hatteras, during our epic Fall 2005 season. Warm and windy everyday, we had tons of great days on the water, allowing us to experiment with many new POV (point of view) angles. The riding footage and instruction in Evolution are like nothing you have ever seen before. Unbelievable tracking footage, helmet cam, rider cam, bar cam, kite cam, full rig shots, you really see every angle in Evolution and thoroughly understand what is happening. We had some big shoes to fill with this DVD, as every Zero 2 Hero DVD customer will want an Evolution DVD to continue their learning curve. We are totally stoked with the entire production of the Evolution DVD. Everyone involved from the riders, to the videographers, editors, music, etc did a fantastic job, …everything is really first class!” - Trip Forman REAL Kiteboarding Co-Founder

EVOLUTION covers the following topics and techniques:

First Sessions
Kite Flying, Choosing a Launch, Making a Plan, Safety Line, Circuit Training, Downwinders

Turning the Kite and Board, Stop Transition, Slide Transition, Heelside Transition, Toeside Transition

Building Boardskills, Boardstarts, Proper Stance, Edging, Transitions, Heelside Riding, Toeside Riding, Ollies

Foot Pressure, Butt in, Butt Out, Stacking Your Joints, Under, Medium and Overpowered Conditions. Edge and Speed Control

Riding Upwind
Kite Control, Board Control, Proper Kite Choice, Identifying Landmarks, Upwind Success Tips

Bonus Section
Lessons Learned, Coaches Tips, Packing for Travel, Kite Tech, Board Tech, Outside Magazine Top 10 Awards, REAL Slider Park

“The Evolution DVD contains more instruction and video of proper riding, stance, and transitions than any other instructional kiteboarding video to date. These are the essential building blocks of solid riding technique and have been too often ignored by instructional videos that skip from waterstarts straight into handle passes. Not only for novice to intermediate riders, Evolution will develop the core riding techniques of any kiteboarder looking to up their riding level.” - Matt Nuzzo REAL Kiteboarding Co-Founder

”Do you believe in evolution? The coaches at REAL Kiteboarding do. The second DVD in their five disc instructional series is about to be released and SBC got a sneak peak at an advanced copy. The new in-depth instructional Evolution video is all about helping riders progress, picking up where Zero 2 Hero, the first video left off. Evolution covers riding in both directions, four transitions (stop, slide, heelside and toeside), stance and the holy grail of Kiteboarding, riding upwind. REAL's unique circuit training approach is an ideal way to help riders complete multiple sessions. The bonus Kite and Board Tech sections are an excellent resource to help riders choose the right size and style of board and kite. The production quality is good overall and the Coaches' Tips are a testament to the years of teaching and riding experience the REAL crew has. The video is not a substitute for a series of lessons with live feedback from a coach but if they ever want to evolve into a real kiteboarder, the DVD is an in-depth resource all new kiteboarders should own. Combined with Zero 2 Hero, Evolution is the best kiteboarding instructional to date.” - John Bryja SBC Kiteboard Magazine

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