REAL Coach Profile: Joanna Kowalska

by REAL Watersports

Meet Joanna (you may have already met her)!

Joanna is a VIP coach at REAL and has been coaching with us for a number of seasons. We caught up with Joanna to find out a little more about what makes her tick and why she loves her job so much!


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4 thoughts on “REAL Coach Profile: Joanna Kowalska”

  • Gregg Davis

    Joanna is Amazing!!

    Prior to my trip to REAL, I had taken some other kiteboarding lessons, however nothing comes close to comparing to the days that I spent riding under her awesome instruction! She brought me up to a whole new level of riding!

    Thanks Joanna, YOU ROCK!!

  • Margaret

    I met Joanna this winter at the Tug Hill snowkite festival. She was great on the snow so I can only imagine how great she is on the water. We hope to be in the OBX again this fall.

  • Laurent

    I've had lots of great coaches at real, but Joanna is a standout.

  • martin

    She taught my beginner brother who had been very frustrated about going and coming back to the same place. He came back kiting to the launch area and Joanna following him on the ski - on the first lesson. He was super happy to have her as a coach. The kiter whisperer.