Rawson Impalas land at REAL!

by REAL Watersports

We just received a 6 pack of the new Rawson “Impalas”, ranging from 5’8 up to 7’4. All of these boards are PU/Poly construction, clear, with FCS boxes. The 6’2 has already left the rack, on it’s way to Peru on Friday. Right out the box, everyone who sees them has been drooling! Here’s why ….

Everyone lusts the shape, smooth lines and performance of the Rawsons. Problem is, most of them are pintails so gunned out that you get to look at them more than you get to ride them in this neck of the woods. That changed with the Rawson Alien and Alien 5 last and this year and takes another step in that direction with the new Rawson Impala.

The Rawson Impala starts with a modernized version of Pat’s ’77 single fin outline template, wider up front with noticeable volume underneath your chest. This shortens the length of the board and makes paddling into waves or gliding over flat spots noticeably easier…After that it is all 2010!!! Rails, bottom contour, concaves and fin design all take the confidence of this shape and throw in a heavy dose of performance. The Impala comes standard with three FCS boxes and can be ridden twin, twin with a small trailer or standard tri-fin set up depending on the conditions and surfer preference. The stock set up off the rack is a twin with small trailer. The twins are larger MR-X, while the trailer is an FCS GX..

Here are the Rawson Impalas we have on the rack for immediate deployment. Holding them up against normal performance shortboards, they have about the same volume as a board 4-6” longer. These boards are all PU/Poly, clear, construction. We can also custom order any size Rawson Impala in PU/poly or EPS/Epoxy construction.

Which Fin Set Up?
Pat recommends twin for small surf, adding the trailer as it picks up and gets some juice, and then switching to tri as the waves get really hollow. This board is a great option for waves like what we have here in Cape Hatteras, because of the convertibility and performance of the shape in smaller waves, combined with the paddle power and short compact length when it gets big, fast and HOLLOW. The wider and thicker nose and under chest portion of the board, lead cleanly into a thinner, classic Rawson rounded pintail, the most respected curves and confidence builder in the business.

This board does not replace the Rawson Alien lineup which is a better dedicated smaller wave board, but is a good compliment to it, or for those looking to go shorter on their length for their bigger wave boards but add power and confidence in the performance. With the MR-X twin fin option, this board lights up and can be ridden in pretty small surf, especially when you know you can also confidently ride the same board when it is overhead and barreling.

Stop by REAL and check out the Rawson Impalas next time you are in Cape Hatteras, or give us a call toll free at 866-REAL-548 to find out more about them.

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