• Nicaragua Session Report

    After an amazing surf trip to Nicaragua last week - here's the session report including a detailed run down of which surfboards I took and why I took them!
  • Picking the Ultimate Surfboard Travel Quiver!

    Surf Travel is perhaps one of the very best sides to surfing. It is full of excitement, planning, highs and lows, new sights & smells and overall a hope for the best day of the year! Here's a guide to help you select the right quiver.
  • Scoring Kite Sessions On Your Next Surf Trip

    If you're a surfer and know how to kite - there's no reason not to take kite gear on your next surf trip! Here's 5 tips to help make it happen:
  • Traveling With Your Family - And Still Scoring Sessions

    When Lucie and I had our first child we were determined to continue to travel. Over the years, vacations have gotten much easier by following a few basic guidelines to traveling with family (and still taking sessions)....
  • The Contest Winning Surfboards You Need To Know About

    We take a look at 3 of the biggest US surf competitions of the year and find out which boards helped guide the winners to the podium...
  • 4 Reasons November Is Awesome For Kiteboarding In Cape Hatteras

    Locals and those "in-the-know" are having the time of their life in Cape Hatteras during November! Here's why:
  • The Dark Side Of The Slick

    Find out more about the dark side of the famous REAL Slick - kiteboarding's most treasured flat water spot...
  • The World’s BIGGEST Quiver

    Chad “Tree” Miller stands tall at 6’8 x 255lbs. Tree’s got responsibilities just as big, including setting up hundreds of weddings and group events for Ocean Atlantic Event Rentals on the Outer Banks, being the President of the Outer Banks Wedding Association with 280 members, plus spending quality time at home with his wife Anna Beth and two daughters, Charlotte and Lillian.
  • What is S-Cloth / S-Glass?

    S-glass feels exactly the same to the touch as E glass but it is about 30% stronger. S-glass is a more expensive material so surfboards made with s-glass will have a higher price tag as a result...
  • 2014 Naish Park Review

    Check out the video review to find out more about the new Park. We tested this kite in the ocean and in the sound in Cape Hatteras to really see how it performs...

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