• Blu Girls Kite Camp

    REAL is teaming with Blu Girls to give you an ultimate girls weekend on the water. The camp combines world-class instruction with support and extras from the amazing Blu Girls.
  • How Can A 19m Kite Fly Like a 12m?

    In depth review of the Core Riot LW edition.
  • Firewire Timbertek Review

    Firewire Timbertek represents an exciting step forward in surfboard construction. Here's the full review.
  • Foilboarding For Beginners

    There isn’t a lot of information out there about foilboarding especially for beginners. I thought that it was important to share my experiences as a beginner foilboarder with others and help people make up their mind about getting into foil boarding.
  • The Cradle of Storms - East Coast Movie Premiere

    This is going to be a rocking night with an incredible LIVE band, great food and drink and one of the best new surf films to be released in a long, long time!
  • How To Maximize Your Spring Kiteboarding Sessions

    Here are some top tips from the REAL Lesson Center to help keep you safe and stoked this spring.
  • Tech Talk With Best Kiteboarding's Board Designer: Franz Schitzhofer

    During Best Fest 2014 we had the chance to spend some time with Best Kiteboarding's board designer: Franz Schitzhofer. Here's what we learnt...
  • Introducing The Kite Hole Day Use Area

    In a winter where the National Park Service purchased the Frisco Pier back from private ownership and Spa Koru then purchased the Avon Pier to add to their Beach Klub facility, another major land deal has just been released to the public.
  • REAL Weekend Lineup

    We want to help you make the most of your weekends and help you score the best sessions of the year.
  • Best Fest Cape Hatteras 2014

    Best Fest Cape Hatteras is under way and we've got an exciting week of sessions ahead of us! Check out the feed below for the latest sessions, clinics, demos and more!

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