• REAL partners with John Wayne Cancer Foundation

    REAL Kiteboarding is proud to announce our new partnership with the John Wayne Cancer Foundation. While the “JWCF” focuses on several different types of cancer, the main thrust of this partnership is the education of the world’s youth about the dangers of the different types of skin cancers and what can be done to easily prevent them.
  • Strapless Kiteboarding

    With more and more dedicated riders adding surfboards as piece of their favorite kiting equipment, we decided to take a close look at why a board that originally had nothing to do with the sport is growing so rapidly in popularity.
  • Postcards from Vermont

    Burlington VT and the ‘KiteStorm’ Event!
  • Kitesurfing 101

    “Riding the Ocean” seems to be on every beginner and intermediate rider’s wish list this season. Thanks to the power and maneuverability that kiteboarding allows, it’s easier than you think ! Here are the basics to making the most of your first days in the ocean.
  • REAL Coach Jeff Soderbergh Does Esquire

    Jeff “Sodie” Soderbergh is a veteran REAL Kiteboarding coach and heads up REAL Kiteboarding’s Northeast school locations. During the winter, Sodie shifts gears to master craftsman and cranks out amazing pieces of furniture and artwork from his Newport farmhouse studio.
  • Guide to Kiteboarding in Cozumel, Mexico

    After returning from our two week trip to Cozumel, Mexico, we thought we would fill you in on the local scene, daily plan and other ins and outs that will help you maximize your stay.
  • Postcards from Mexico

    Follow the crew at REAL kiteboarding during our annual photo and video shoot in Cozumel, Mexico.
  • Postcards from Down Under

    Follow REAL kiteboarding's Jason "Slezy-J" Slezak as he travels around Australia and attends the upcoming 100% Mambo Contest. This segment will be updated 3 times weekly to keep you up to date on his trip riding and contest results.
  • Are you ready for Snow Kiteboarding?

    Just because it’s getting cold doesn’t mean that the kiteboarding season is coming to an end.
  • Sam Bell Does MTV

    As part of MTV's summer programming, and in partnership with Coke-a-Cola they went in search of Real people doing cool things. What better find than a REAL kiteboarding coach?

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