• Tech Shots: What is a fast kite?

    We've all heard the conversation, "Kite X is the fastest kite I've ever flown!" Before you switch out your current quiver in search of the fastest kite available, it's important to understand what we mean by "fast"...
  • Maurice Cole MTB Kitesurf

    Have you been longing for the everyday kite surfboard that rages upwind, slashes waves, and is built out of a construction that doesn't feel like you are kiting a 2x4? Look no further from the state of the art Maurice Cole MTB.
  • Summer Kiteboarding & Surfing With Your Family

    The Windiest Month? …July!
  • Tech Shots: Why Control Bars Are Not Made Of Carbon

    In the mid 2000's, kite brands, shops and local riders claimed that carbon control bars were stronger, stiffer and lighter than aluminum. So what happened?
  • Carolina Brewery releases limited run Triple-S Lager

    With North Carolina being such a hotbed for both craft beer and kiteboarding, it was only a matter of time before the two met for a collaboration to highlight their combined talents and international reputations.
  • Stretch Super Buzz Kitesurfs

    The Stretch Super Buzz Kitesurf is a high-powered, ultra fast, kitesurf weapon that dominates in lighter winds and/or soft surf.
  • 4 Ways To Up Your Game With REAL

    Have you reached a plateau? Does your progression feel stuck in a rut? Here are 4 ways we can help!
  • ...Lost Weekend Warrior Exposed!

    Originally designed and marketed as a small wave step down to the …Lost V2 Shortboard, the Weekend Warrior has a few more tricks up it’s sleeve than just high performance groveling.
  • Surgical Strike: Diaries of a Professional Recreational Surfer

    “Surgical strikes” are when you travel specifically for perfect weather conditions (swell/wind or both) rather than on a calendar like most humans do. Many of you think this is reserved for the world’s elite pros or the rich and famous. But it shouldn’t be. Recreational enthusiasts should partake in at least one surgical strike in their lifetime – and probably many more – as they’re the ones that have to watch epic conditions pass them by day after day when they’re at their day jobs.
  • Top 10 Tips For Kitesurfing Domination

    Here are 10 takeaways from the BWS Kitesurf Weekend that will help you become a better kitesurfer.

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