• New Rawsons arrive at REAL

    We just received 20 new Rawson Custom Surfboards, shaped and glassed on the North Shore of Oahu. This order consists of single fin “Stingers”, Alien Swallowtail Quads, Impala Round and Swallowtails, and the new Rawson Escalades. We wanted to share the excitement of picking these up at the airport and getting to unwrap all 20 of them. It’s a pretty sick experience. Hopefully these videos come close and let you see some unbelievable boards as they come straight out of the box.
  • Learn to Surf Today!

    Surfing is a sport enjoyed by all ages, and is a great sport to practice while traveling to different locations around the world. The key to getting into surfing the right way is to take it slow and make it fun every day. Here are a few quick tips to learning the ropes.
  • REAL wants your TRADES!

    REAL accepts surfboard trade-ins!!!
  • 2nd Annual Kiteboarder Crossing for Leukemia Awareness

    March 21 marked the second time Lake Pontchartrain’s 24 mile stretch was conquered by a local kiteboarder on a mission to create awareness and raise $10,000 for blood cancer research. REAL Coach Chris Stuckey completed the marathon distance for the 2nd Annual Kiteboarder Crossing, a fundraiser he founded the year before.
  • 2010 BVI Kite Jam Report

    When the invitation was first presented to go to the inaugural BVI Kite Jam I had no idea how much fun the event was going to be! Sir Richard Branson and the Necker Island crew pulled out all of the stops to create an outstanding gathering of kiteboarders in the awe inspiring setting of the British Virgin Islands (BVIs').
  • Brandon Scheid wins 2010 Superfly Open!

    The 3rd annual BEST Kiteboarding SuperFly Open was held this past weekend at Powder Mountain, in Eden, Utah.
  • Keenan wins Dean Randazzo Freeze for a Cause!

    Matt Keenan wins 3rd Annual Dean Randazzo Freeze for a CauseBenefit!
  • Matt Nuzzo Hawaii Family Vacation

    To say that I feel like Clark W. Griswold goes to Hawaii is to say the least.
  • SUP in Alligator River

    An 80 degree day in August, 60 degree day in early November or a wintery 45 degree day in February- drive just 45 minutes north from the REAL Flagship Store in Waves, NC and you’ll be in the serene setting of Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. Sheltered by the 30 feet Pond Pines, this is the ideal location for beginner Standup Paddleboard sessions.
  • To wash or not to wash...

    I often wondered who would spend $15 on wetsuit cleaner and conditioner? Who needs to take their wetsuit to the spa anyway? This thought stuck in my head for as long as I can remember seeing this product, then it happened. My viewpoint changed...

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