• Jason Slezak signs with Patagonia!

    REAL is proud to announce that Jason Slezak has formally been added as a member of the Patagonia International Ambassador program.
  • Best Taboo Giveaway!

    Win a FREE 2011 Best Taboo 9m Kite…
  • 2011 BEST 15m/17m Taboo Review

    When BEST Kiteboarding came to us this year and told us that their new Taboo 15m & 17m sizes were “the most aerodynamically refined kites we’ve ever built with every spare gram of weight having been trimmed to deliver the maximum light-wind performance”, we accepted those words as a challenge to put this kite to the TEST!
  • Summer Sticks

    Shop the REAL Board Loft to see our entire lineup for Summer!
  • Vote for AWSI Kiteboarder of the Year!

    REAL International Teamriders Brandon Scheid and Josh Mulcoy have both been nominated for AWSI Kiteboarder of the Year. Voting is OPEN thru July 5th.
  • Innersection Final Round

    Vote for Josh again!
  • Innersection...Vote for Josh Mulcoy

    REAL is proud to have Josh Mulcoy as a member of our REAL International Team. Josh is recognized worldwide as an accomplished pro free-surfer, as well as a 2x Triple-S Invitational podium placing kitesurfer.
  • Endless Session Weekend @ REAL

    How often can you line up great surf, warm water, warm air, offshore wind, live music, good food and celebrity surfers all in one place?
  • Summer Sessions at REAL

    The Windiest Month? …July!
  • BWS Team hits Cape Hatteras!

    REAL welcomes Ben Wilson Surf to Cape Hatteras, Sunday April 10th thru Tuesday April 12th!

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