• 2013 Liquid Force Kites

    3 Thing You Need To Know About 2013 Liquid Force Kites.
  • Stretch Mr Buzz & Super Buzz

    The Buzz series has been designed to minimize surfboard size through extremely efficient design and high lift. The Mr Buzz and Super Buzz have nothing in common with any surfboard out there.
  • Wetsuit Sizing and the REAL Perfect Fit Guarantee

    Find out more about correct wetsuit sizing and the REAL Perfect Fit Guarantee...
  • 2013 Best Kiteboarding Gear Launch

    The Best Kiteboaridng 2013 lineup has just been released and we caught up with Best to get a quick rundown on what is available.
  • Here come the Wind and Waves!

    Ask any local and they will tell you September and October are the two best months in Cape Hatteras for wind and waves.
  • 2011 Fall Session Recap

    September is just around the corner and there is a real buzz in the air in Cape Hatteras. Everyone knows that some of the best sessions of the year are just around the corner and we can hardly contain our excitement.
  • REAL Ninamu: 12 Days in Paradise

    REAL has always been known to do things big and with style, so it is no surprise that REAL Ninamu 2012 was first class and five-star all the way
  • August Session Tips

    Session advice for August in the Outer Banks.
  • 2013 Slingshot Kite Surfboard Breakdown

    2013 Slingshot Kite surfboard lineup explained…
  • 2013 Slingshot Kiteboarding Gear

    I know it’s only July but we just received our first hit of Slingshot 2013 gear so here is the lowdown on what’s available.

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