• 2014 Naish Ride Review

    The Naish Ride is fun. Really fun. Find out more about why we like the Ride so much.
  • Planet Of The Apes Kiteboarding Downwinder

    Find out the history behind "The Planet Run"!
  • Does Kiting Make You A Better Surfer?

    It’s a crazy question, but given the recent contest results, we had to throw it out there...
  • Get Your SURF On This Fall In Puerto Rico

    The Fall window for Puerto Rico surf travel has begun. Give us a ring if you want to get some warm water waves and shake off those Summer flat spell cob webs!
  • FCS II Surfboard Fin System Review

    FCS 2 (also called FCS II) is the latest fin system from FCS. Find out more about this fin system by watching the review...
  • Stretch Cork/Carbon SUP

    Surfing Magazine Shaper of the Year William “Stretch” Riedel knows how to make the world’s best SUPS, both from a design AND construction point of view.
  • Light Wind Kiteboarding: Top Tips

    Tune up your light wind technique with these top tips from our REAL Pros
  • Surfboard Volume Chart

    We're here to help you find your perfect volume range so that you can continue picking great sticks to maximize your time in the water.
  • REAL Weekend Lineup

    We want to help you make the most of your weekends this fall and help you score the best sessions of the year.
  • New Brand Now Available: Core Kites

    We're always on the lookout for gear that really works and we're excited to add Core kites to our lineup!

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