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by REAL Watersports

Roberts Surfboards is based out of Ventura, California and puts out some of the best shapes in the surfing industry. As a recipient of the Surfing Magazine “Shaper of the Year” Award, Robert Weiner has the incredible ability to shape for both pros and bros. From the White Diamond 2 to the Black Punt and Mush Machine, Roberts offers a wider range of user-friendly, high performance shapes offered in both standard PU/Poly and Hydroflex Natural or Hydroflex SuperCharger constructions.

Roberts Surfboards

Here is a quick overview of the Robert’s board models that we stock at REAL. We can also custom order any Roberts design for you with specialized constructions and airbrushes.


White Diamond 2:

Roberts White Diamond

The original White Diamond is the board that put Roberts on the map and earned him Surfing Magazine’s Shaper of the Year. The new White Diamond 2 is based on three years of team and customer feedback and features a slightly more foiled nose and single to double concave bottom shape. With these improvements, the new “WD2” is easier to throw around in turns due to the reduced weight and mass up front, plus has a longer sweet spot in the board thanks to the double concave bottom out the back.

The WD2 is a bread and butter hybrid board for anyone looking for good performance in small to average waves. This board gets compared a lot to a Lost V2 Rocket, although performance focus-wise, we’d put it mid way between a V2 Rocket and the grovel oriented V2 Stub, with more of a high performance shortboard feel than either. The WD2 is easy to surf, SUPER fast and powerful, and now with the double concave even quicker off the top. The WD2 comes stock as a 5-finner and actually works really well in both configurations.

Hope Diamond:

Roberts Hope Diamond

Robert Weiner is a BIG GUY. Standing tall at 6’4 and weighing in anywhere from 210 – 240lbs, depending on lunch specials, he knows what it means to be a big guy in a small guy oriented sport. That’s why he’s always been one of our go to shapers for big guy customs or to stock the racks in our “Big and Tall” surfboard department. With the explosion of the hybrid surfboard category, what we noticed was that there was no clear performer for bigger surfers or surfers looking for more volume, that took advantage of all the latest design trends. Enter the new Roberts Hope Diamond.

The Roberts Hope Diamond starts off as a White Diamond 2 and is then scaled to larger sizes. The problem with just scaling is that something normally doesn’t work out right in the end. With this specific design, it’s the single concave in the center of the board. When you scale the WD2 design to 7’ long, the single concave becomes so deep that the board is difficult to maneuver rail to rail. The design tweaks in the Hope Diamond that make the board so good are the shallower single concave in the center of the board and then a deeper double concave to vee in the tail. The deeper double concave to vee lengthens the sweet spot on the board allowing you to turn it from a wider variety of foot positions. It also gives a quicker release out of turns, which makes the board surf “shorter” than it actually is. If you’re looking to get off of your longboard or funboard, or just tune up an older big guy thruster that is bogging, this is definitely the hottest board in this design category.


The Anything

The more you look at modern surfboards, the more you see the newer designs as being morphed smash-ups of different current or past designs. It’s a strategy that works, as you take the best features and performance advantages of two boards and put them all into one board. This is the case with the Roberts Anything, and it’s a board that can truly work for most surfers in almost “anything” going on at your local break or when traveling.

The Roberts Anything combines the wider/flatter nose template of the Roberts Diamond Fish with the bump squash tail of the Roberts Modern 80’s. This board paddles and catches waves incredibly easily, while still retaining control and pocket surfing ability normally only attainable by high performance shortboards. It’s a great single board quiver both for home and travel, with good performance in a wide range of surf shape and height. If you are a front-footed surfer, you will definitely like this board as the wider nose gives you plenty to push on, while the narrower tail allows you to lean back and snap hard off the top. Great board with incredible range. If you are shopping hybrids, make sure this one is one on your list to check out.


Modern 80’s:

Roberts Modern 80s

This board takes all the paddling and gliding advantages of higher volume shortboards from the 80’s and pairs it up with modern concave bottoms, rocker and rail templates. Should you compare it to 80’s ease? Yes. 80’s glide? Yes. 80’s speed and turning? No. This is where the 2013 performance advantages really step in. By adding a concave bottom and thinning out the rails, this board really lights up with extra speed and incredible turns where you never seem to run out of speed, glide and g’s.

Who’s this board for? We see a lot of high performance shortboarders buying them for a grovel weapon rather than hitting up the hybrid rack. We also see a good number of people stepping down off hybrids and transitioning to the Modern 80’s without a hiccup in their performance or wave count. Is goes fast AND goes vertical, , which is a magic combo. It likes small to medium waves, from mush up to more hollow stuff but starts feeling flat when it really starts heaving. It definitely helps make any surfer surf better in average surf. Last year we saw REAL’s Toby Diggens literally triple his surfing ability over the course of the Summer after getting one of these. Feel the flow of the Modern 80’s. Extra foam is good.

Black Punt:

Roberts Black Punt Surfboard

What’s the best way to describe this board? It’s the team’s high performance board of choice for average, every day surf. Slightly wider nose (from the Robert’s Black Diamond) put together with a single to double concave bottom shape and squash tail make for a powerful, compact high performance shortboard that has range and wicked acceleration. Brad Harrell from the Robert’s team likes this board from thigh high up to shoulder high (Cape Hatteras surf).

The Black Punt does have a touch extra nose rocker compared to the super flat entries of many other boards. Not extreme by any measure, it will fit really nicely into waves with some bowl to them and not get hung up like flatter boards. It’s also great for saving you on late drops or vertical re-entries. The closest board to this board would be a ...Lost Sub Driver (in outline) although the Black Punt has a double concave exit which will release a little faster off the top and also broaden the sweet spot on the board a touch.

Black Dump Truck:

Roberts Black Dump Truck Surfboard

This board bridges the gap between small wave hybrids like the White Diamond and pure high performance shortboards. The Black Dump Truck is basically a Roberts Black Diamond with a squash tail rather than a diamond tail. The “BDT” is a great step up board for all the White Diamonds out there. Most of these are typically designed for better waves with narrower dims, but you will see some BDTs with wider dims for smaller conditions. Many surfers have a hard time going back and forth from a hybrid to a high performance shortboard (narrow nose). The BDT makes this jump easier and keeps your confidence up when the waves start throttling.

The ILL:

Roberts The Ill Surfboard

The ILL is Robert’s HIGH performance shortboard with typically narrow widths and thinner foils, plus a healthy amount of rocker. This board is NOT meant for mush, nor is it meant for below average surfers. Under the feet of skilled surfers, the ILL is incredibly fast rail to rail, goes past vertical and is virtually connected to the water’s surface at any speed. When you are looking for a no-nonsense high performance surfboard that has no limits, the Roberts ILL should be on your list of boards to check out.


Mush Machine:

Roberts Mush Machine

This board is a great board for flat faced mushy waves and is a powerful groveler when you need some motivation to go out there and make it happen. The first thing we noticed when we pulled them out of the box are that they are a good blend of the Lost Bottom Feeder (grovel and tailblock) and the Stretch SuperBuzz (deep single to double concave, lower volume). Due to the high lift of the concave bottom, these boards are generally lower in volume (per length), and go rail to rail faster due to their narrower width. In essence, it’s the perfect high performance, high powered groveler.

After surfing this board for a while, we found it to work in most any wave as long as it was mushy. 1ft up to 5ft you could surf it all, you just didn’t want it hollow with that wide tail and flat rocker. If was actually kind of fun in the bigger stuff even though that’s not what it was designed for. In surf ankle up to chest high with slopey faces, this board is on fire, especially if you work it a bit on the face and take advantage of the rail to rail speed and lift from the concaves. So if you like the feel of concaves, but want to up your grovel game in questionable surf, check out the Robert Mush Machine.


Roberts Mutant Surfboard

Shapers are always tweaking designs and the Mutant is a direct result of feedback on the more powerful, mush focused Mush Machine. By adding a wing, reducing the size of the tailblock and adding a touch more entry rocker, Roberts was able to broaden the range of the Mush Machine with their new Mutant. Not as pure grovel/mush focused as the Mush Machine, you can’t actually call it “better”, but you can say it has a wider range for a single board, so this is helpful to those that want less boards rather than more.

The Mutant works nicely in areas with a little more push in the wave, or for surfers who can generate more speed on a board with more curve in both the outline and rocker. By adding a touch more entry rocker it frees up the board on late drops and tight in the pocket. The reduced tail area and added tail outline curve make for a snappy release off the top and add control at higher speeds or in more hollow conditions. Everything is a give and take so what you lose compared to the Mush Machine (pure low end grovel domination) you gain with the Mutant (wide range of use, more vertical turns).

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