New Surfboard Models from …LOST!

by REAL Watersports

Matt Biolos and the boys at …Lost has just released 4 new models : The Sub Driver, The Sub Blaster, The Bottom Feeder and the Minnie Driver. These boards have been tested extensively with the ..Lost Pro and “not close to Pro” team and are refined to perfection.

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*We’re currently putting together our 2012 surfboard orders, so if you’d like to custom order any of these new …Lost models, it’s no problem adding them into our order and jumping you to the front of the production line. You can go with recommended dimensions on each spec sheet or customize your sled with your own dims and airbrush. For more info, please give us a call toll free 866-REAL-548 or International 252-987-6000.

REAL comments on the new …Lost Surfboard Models:

Sub Driver : This new model is based off the successful …Lost Driver but tuned more for small to medium surf. If you think of the Scorcher/Sub Scorcher relationship and then apply to the Driver, you can imagine how sick this board is. Shorter than the Driver with a little bit more width in the nose and tail, plus a little more foam out on the rails makes this board incredibly fast and powerful in gutless to “average” surf. Just like the Sub Scorcher, you can take it in bigger surf than you think, so don’t be surprised when you’re getting some of your best waves on head high days. The Driver is a very accessible high performance shortboard and the Sub Driver is just as easy to surf if not even easier. So if you’ve been living on hybrids and are looking for a good high performance stick, this is a good one to check out!

Sub Blaster : This board is a combo of the …Lost Sub Scorcher outline and the …Lost Flashback rocker, foam flow and vee bottom. It’s got a solid 80’s vibe, but isn’t so retro you need to drive a VW van to own one. Why is this board functional today in 2011/2012? The extra foam and low nose rocker make this board incredibly easy to paddle into waves and against strong current. The vee bottom takes away the negative effects of the extra foam by making the board very easy to rock rail to rail thru turns. The vee bottom also cuts through chop very easily which allows you to keep and increase momentum on bigger/windier days.

When I think about great paddling and the ability to deal with chop, I immediately think this board would be a blast(er) on the windy NE swell days at The Lighthouse here in Cape Hatteras (or any place similar). You can order this board squash or upsize it 2” with same width and thickness for a roundtail. The roundtail version will have more top end on the bigger days.

Bottom Feeder : This board is the latest weapon in the Biolos quest to dominate small surf with average skills. Pros don’t need grovelers as much as real world surfers do. Matt has been on a three year quest to CRUSH small waves, even with big surfers and his lineage of small wave killers is evidence of his commitment. This year the Plank and the Uber Plank were HUGELY popular around the world. We had a full size run of Planks here (including Trip and Nuzzi’s personal boards in their quivers) and they evaporated off the racks with good reviews.

The Bottom Feeder is the evolution of the Plank and Uber Plank. It has even flatter nose rocker, a narrower nose and tail and more outline curve. This loosens up the board and gives it more of a high performance feel while still keeping it focused on super small waves. The wide width is easy to roll rail to rail thanks to a slight belly in the bottom of the board with a subtle double concave running through the bellyt at the center of the board. If you want a dedicated small wave thrasher that will EXCEL at the smallest end of the wave scale, this is a board that will not disappoint you. The Bottom Feeder doesn’t replace the Plank and Uber Plank, since those boards will trim better and have a longer sweet spot on the board. The Bottom Feeder differs itself from the Planks by adding more maneuverability and a looser feel.

Minnie Driver : This board came about thru …Lost teamrider Kolohe Andino wanting a mini tube rider for a Red Bull trip to the Mentawais. Biolos originally suggested a …Lost Rockup, but KH and his Dad wanted a board based off Kolohe’s Drivers so it wasn’t too hard to transition back and forth to. The new Minnie Driver was the result and is a board that has since proven to have an incredibly wide range of use from gaping Indo barrels to 2ft California mush.

This board should end up being extremely popular because who doesn’t like a board that can handle literally anything?! The ability to switch back and forth between tri and quad will satisfy any surfer and any condition. Great travel board because you know it will always work with confidence. The Minnie Driver is kind of a mash up of all the ….Lost board categories (High performance short board, Hybrid, 5 fin, etc) and because of this it kind of sits off by itself and confuses some people. Expect the initial run to stay low under the radar, but for those that have one, they will be worshipping it. After that this board may end up being one of the most popular models in the lineup.

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4 thoughts on “New Surfboard Models from …LOST!”

  • CT


  • tony

    That B.F sound just what i want for the really small waves. Gald Matt's on the case.

  • Raymond

    What do you mean with a longer sweet spot, concerning the Bottom Feeder / Plank / Uber plank

    • chris

      We've surfed both the Plank and the Bottom Feeder for the past two summers. The Plank allows you more stance options forward and back on the board. This is called "the sweet spot". Some boards only have one, others like the Plank or even a 9'6 noserider, allow you to stand literally anywhere.

      The Bottom Feeder is definitely looser than the Plank and a lot snappier off the top. It also has a flatter entry rocker that makes catching waves incredibly easy.

      Hope this info helps. Someone is always available at the shop 252-987-6000 if you have any further questions or would like to place an order.