Naish Hawaii Surfboards shaped by Harold Iggy

Posted on April 22, 2010 by Trip Forman

We just received a shipment of surfboards from Naish Hawaii on Oahu, designed by Hawaiian shaper Harold Iggy. We got a great price on these boards so we’re passing along the savings to our friends. Check out these shapes and prices:

Naish Custom Polyester : $499 any size!
These boards are constructed with PU blanks and POLYester resin, with sturdy glass jobs and gloss/polished resin. The boards are clear (no color), with a light grey tribal print on the deck. The 7’10 is a great higher volume eggy-shortboard design. The 9’0 is a very thin, wide nosed, rounded pin with equal tri-fin. This boards looks like a blast to surf! The 9’4 is a classic single fin, squash tail noserider. The 10’6 is a classic round pin, single fin noserider.

Naish EPOXY - AST : $499 any size!
These boards feature a more durable oriented construction, where daily maintenance and protection aren’t an option. Looking for a great board that will last a long time, with little or no maintenance? This is it! These boards are not plastic fantastics, they feature high quality foam cores, sandwich construction, fiberglass and epoxy resin. High performance with high durability…..

Naish Custom Epoxy/Wood : $599 any size!
This construction is the same as what you see in many of Naish’s SUP boards with a durable enamel painted bottom and rails, with beautiful wood veneer on the deck. The wood not only looks good, bit it also increases the strength of the deck and protects against heel dents and pressure dings. The painted rails and bottom are easy to fix and match with paint if ever dinged. An intelligent use of materials to insure a long life for a high performance product.

Naish Classic Wood : $799 any size!
The name says it all…Classic Wood. These boards can double duty as surfboards in the Summer and beautiful wall hangers in the Winter. Three-tone wood veneer, with nose and tail blocks, built over durable epoxy sandwich construction. The first three we sold were going straight to the mantle, but don’t underestimate the ride. These classic noseriders draw just as pretty turns as they do head turns in your home. Normally priced at well over $1,200, now only $799 while they last…..

All Naish Hawaii Surfboards at REAL

Quantities are limited so call today with questions or to place your order. REAL ships surfboards worldwide daily.

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    Can I get a 12'6" racer in Sydney Australia.

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