...Lost V2 Stub

Posted on March 11, 2013 by Trip Forman

The …Lost V2 Stub is the new step down version of the V2 Rocket designed to excel in smaller surf.

V2 Stub Tech Specs: Compared to the V2...
1. Wider and Thicker Nose
2. Wider Tail
3. Flatter Rocker
4. Fuller Rails
5. All of the above in small doses…

What We Like:
The …Lost V2 Stub is a “step down” V2 designed to excel in smaller surf. The new V2 already works better than the original Rocket in smaller surf and the new Stub takes the small wave game even further. For those of you that have been following the …Lost brand for the last several years, you can compared the new V2 Stub to The Motivator. The biggest differences are that the V2 Stub has smoother lines with less radical design features (no more step tail). Normally in design/performance, “smoother and less radical” equates to better overall performance in a wider range of conditions.

The design subtleties between the V2 and the V2 Stub are not GIGANTIC like comparing a V2 and a Bottom Feeder. You can’t see the differences by looking at pictures or video of the boards. The differences do become apparent when you place a V2 and a V2 Stub side by side, that’s when you can see the wider nose with more foam, thicker rails and wider tail. Individually, they both look like V2s. Side by side is where the small wave turbo really shows its horsepower. (Check out the side-by-side V2/V2 Stub photos above.)

This board will work really well in a few different applications. For the diehard Rocket fans out there – and this is a HUGE group of people – the V2 Stub gives you a very familiar hybrid feel with extra juice for small, gutless surf. The other place this board will excel is giving the high performance shortboard crew a concave designed mega groveler that isn’t extreme in width. So something like a Driver and V2 Stub will cover a huge range and both have a single concave bottom shape.

What We Don’t Like:
Drawing blanks here. This is a very well executed small wave hybrid, nothing too extreme. It will surprise a lot of people and work well outside it’s design range due to the smooth outline and volume flow.

Why you want a V2 Stub:
You want a single concave hybrid design tailored for smaller surf.

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