....Lost Surfboards unloading at REAL!

by REAL Watersports

REAL Watersports is proud to welcome ….Lost Surfboards, Skateboards and Clothing to the REAL Flagship Store in Cape Hatteras, NC!

We just received our first shipment of 25 ….Lost surfboards and they are making their way to the REAL Boardloft and to our website right now. ….Lost Rockets, Grockets, Squash-Its, Round Nose Fish, Scorchers, Sub Scorchers, Motivators and Blunts!

Check out the complete line of ...Lost at REAL, just in time for the Summer sessions!

The Rocket
….Lost on the new fleet of 2010 Rockets : “Originally shaped as a 5'3" for Shane's young son Noah by former ...Lost shaper and pro surfer Noah Budroe. The board features a wide forward outline with round forgiving rails, flat deck and a wide "rocket" tail. The rocker is extremely low in the entry, for instant speed, with an exaggerated kick in the tail for tight arcs out of turns.

A small to average wave all-rounder that can be effectively ridden 4" to 6" shorter, 1/8" thinner, and just slightly wider than your normal short board without sacrificing any carve or drive.”

The Grocket
….Lost on the 2010 Grocket : “Pulled in single wing swallow tail (for tight radius control and precision) and a touch more nose rocker make this hybrid of the Rocket the choice for light, fast, snappy surfers' like Gorkin.”

The Squash-It
….Lost on the 2010 Squash-It : “Placing a typical shortboard squash tail on the Rocket takes some area out of the tail, shortens the rail line and makes for a predictable, less drifty, neutral ride.”

The Motivator
….Lost on the new 2010 Motivator : “If there was one complaint about the Rocket in 2009, it was that some average surfers didn't feel it was a full on groveler (It's not). We were told that it wasn't easy to "get going" in 1' junk. So knowing that it takes more than hacking a Triscuit out of a slab of foam to make a great hi-performance groveler, we went to work making a board to "Motivate" people to get out and surf in that 1' junk.

How to turn a "Rocket" into a super groveler in 4 easy steps:
-Widen the nose and tailblock. The straighter outline will make a longer rail line, creating drive.
-Thicken the nose (and add a beak nose to abruptly thin out the tip) and tail to add flotation without increasing overall thickness.
-Lower the tail rocker along the stringer line (to add drive and resistance to rear foot in mushy waves) but leave the rail rocker as curvy as it was (creating a strong 'V' behind the rear foot) so the board still has that magic, tight turning radius when put on a rail.
- Flatten the deck and put a full, steep rail for stability and paddle power , then add a volume reducing "step rail" to the last 6' of the tail , to add bite and make "real" turns in small surf easier. Best of all, it doesn't feel like you're riding a breakfast sandwich.
Feel free to ride this one 1-2" shorter, and wider than a Rocket.”

Round Nose Fish
….Lost on the new 2010 Round Nose Fish : “The world's all-time best selling fish model. During the filming of 5'5" REDUX, the RNF and RNF Quad were updated and fine tuned. The nose has gotten wider again, and more conservative overall rocker and less concave make for a board that will hold speed in flats and produce harder, longer carves.

A longer, less pronounced vee in the tail gives a more predictable feel out of turns, and a straighter outline adds drive and hold. The deep wing, influenced by MR's vintage twin fins, adds more control of high speeds and better bite in snaps and out of carves. It still paddles great, still makes you look good, but the updates allow harder, more powerful carving turns and a wider range of performance in more varied surf.

Enjoy playing with a multitude of fin setups. The RNF is designed as a twin with rear trailer, but works great as a pure twin fin or try all three standard thrusters for different feels in different conditions. ...Everyone should own one.”

….Lost on the new 2010 Scorcher: “Developed with Kolohe Andino for his all around contest needs. Kolohe had been riding the SD2 exclusively in contests for years. The low tail rocker and spiral vee out the back gave a great combo of drive and maneuverability, but sometimes felt sticky in tight pockets.

In '08 we had been playing with The STEALTH and he loved the quick, tight radius pocket surfing it allowed, but never felt confident using one in heats. His trademark carving style relied on the SD2s drive. In an effort to loosen up his surfing, and retain drive, we combined the two into....The SCORCHER.

Featuring the same low entry rocker, forward outline and rear rail line rocker of the Stealth, but the wide bump squash, and vee out the back from the SD2. By lowering the Stealth's center line rocker and keeping the rail line the same...we created a deep vee out the tail ( with more carving drive) hybrid of the SD2/STEALTH.

Kolohe used this model to win 3 National titles last summer at Lowers. Gorkin won the 2009 ECSC and 3 other Pro events this year on one. This board is all ready the rage amongst the custom order crew. Ride about 2" shorter 1/8" thinner and 1/4" wider than an F1 or Whiplash type short board.”

Sub Scorcher
…Lost on the new 2010 Sub Scorcher : “(AKA...The Trashcan Lid) "I wanna board for 1' mush. Something really short n wide, but still a shortboard..... something like Danes board" -Kolohe Andino. The challenged was laid down. Starting with an old SD2: We squashed the dims to 5'5"x18.63"x 2.13", lowered the entry rocker and shallowed the concave through the center to straighten the rail line (for drive) and make it easier to lay such a wide platform over on a rail.

Viola'! Our stubbiest shortboard yet, but it still carves like a real board. Kolohe wanted call it "The Trashcan Lid" because you don't need to go dumpster diving to get one of these! Think 4-6" shorter than a high performance shortboard.”

The Blunt
…Lost Shaper of the Year Matt Biolos on the new 2010 Blunt: “My new favorite board! While surfing the mushy point and beach breaks of San Clemente, I am always looking for a board that paddles easily, glides across flats, and carves mush, yet still allows vertical turning and snaps in the pocket. Influenced by the jumbo wide tails of 80's Laser Zap style boards (and well aware of other wide round tail boards in the market that don't feature modern profiles or performance) I built a board designed around a modern thickness flow, rails, and bottom curves , but with an extra-extra wide round tail to stay on top of the water.

Tossing out the "no nose" theory of the past, I kept the outline up front wide and curvy as well. The round tail encourages flowing turns, and rolls tight in the pocket. The rocker is low throughout (for speed and glide) , but with an aggressive acceleration in the tail. The rail rocker "hangs" lower than the center line in the rear half, creating a radically deep concave and curvey rail line through the fins. This makes for extreme lift, and fast tight arc'd turns out of the tail.

The bottom rail is tucked all the way through the fins, so you can get it up on a rail and not slide out too easily. Riding this board is the most fun I have ever had in typical waist to chest high Trestles surf. I couldn't recommend it more. Ride it short n wide for the full effect!”

The boards listed above are all in stock at REAL and ready for immediate shipment or surfing!

REAL ships ….Lost surfboards worldwide daily. PLEASE call us toll free at 866-REAL-548 or International at 252-987-6000 to order your …Lost Surfboard!

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