Lib Tech Waterboards Reviewed!

by REAL Watersports

About Lib Tech Waterboards

Lib Tech Waterboards are a brand new technology that brings never before seen strength to the surfboard world.
If you are a surfer – these boards will outlast all your other boards in your quiver and still feel light and responsive under your feet.
If you are a kitesurfer – these boards are a really big deal because they are both lightweight and super strong! Check out the kitesurfer’s Lib Tech video review below.

Lib Tech Waterboards Review:

What we like:
Despite the amazing amount of strength in these boards they still feel lightweight. This makes these sticks feel really similar under your feet to that classic PU/Poly construction. We also really like the concave in the deck – it allows your chest to lie more comfortably on the board and feels awesome under your front foot when riding too.

What we don’t like:
You have the option to slide the fins forwards and backwards in the fin boxes so that you can adjust the way the board surfs. This seems a little much and if you don’t have them equal it may affect the performance of the board. Moving the fins is easy to do though so you really shouldn’t have any trouble.

Models available

Lib Tech have 3 models available: The Ramp, The Bowl and The Vert.

The Ramp:

Magically fast, short, wide, lowest rocker series with a speedy Horsepower thumb tail and flipped full nose. A surf skate for aerials, acceleration and spinning in small to medium waves.

The Bowl:
Fast Horspower shape: short, lower rocker, straighter rail line with a speedy thumb tail and a high performance nose for aggressive modern surfing and acceleration in small to medium waves. Grovelation!

The Vert:

Precise high performance surfing in energized high performance waves. Squared thumb tails, high performance nose, increased rocker. Meant to be ridden at standard lengths and widths.

Lib Tech for Kitesurfing

We are always looking to the surfboard market for boards that are light and flexible but really strong and can take a beating. Lib Tech is the most exiting technology we’ve seen yet. With a sensible board lineup and very reasonable pricing – these boards are going to be a huge hit with strapless kitesurfers all over the world.

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10 thoughts on “Lib Tech Waterboards Reviewed!”

  • michael negrey
    michael negrey March 15, 2013 at 1:26 pm

    Lib Tech boards available with the 5 fin setup or Quads?

    • chris

      Thanks for the question about Lib Tech. At this time all the boards are set up as tri fin thrusters. They come with two size center fins so you can make it really loose on the small days with the smaller center fin.

      These boards are hot! Let us know if you have any more questions,

  • Phil


    I am looking to pick up a strapless kite board. The LibTech's look sick and I like the durability.

    I am 5'10" and 187 pounds. I want a 'do-it-all board' that will go upwind in light wind conditions and deal with small-medium waves

    Would you recommend a 5'10" Bowl or a 6'0" LibTech bowl board?



    • chris


      Thanks for your comment. These boards are really sick and very popular for kiting right now.

      5’10 would be best if you are just going to kite it.

      6’0 would give you the ability to both kite and surf the board.

      We have both sizes in stock and can ship either to you right away.

  • Noah

    Hey Chris,

    I am a 175lbs, intermediate surfer, beginning kiteboarder, in good shape. I am interested in getting one of the Lib Tech Bowl series boards. However, when I was checking the line up it seems like the volumes are on the smaller size. Are these more buoyant than PU surfboards. I ride a 6' - 7S PU Superfish which has 33.3 ltrs of volume that I am pretty comfortable on. The 6' Lib Tech only has 28.8 ltrs of volume. The biggest of the line up, the 6'4", has 32.8, but that sounds way too long for me as a hybrid for surfing or kiting. What do you think? Have people been getting lower volumes on these boards?

    • Toby


      Many thanks for the info and here are the best boards that I can recommend to you based off the info that you have provided. Many thanks for that by the way as it makes choosing you a great board much easier.

      The Cross-over Kitesurf/Surf board is a tough one to get right and quite often when trying to go for a one board does it all then you are frustrated by either the lack of paddle power that a performance kiteboard offers, or the bulkiness of the surfboard that suits the paddle side of things better than the kite.

      From the info that you have given, I think that you would be best suited on a 6'0 Bowl as this will give you good overall wave catching ability when you surf and at the same time will still give you control over the board when kiting.

      Realistically however, there is a much better option for you which will give you far better range for both kiting and surfing.

      Considering that you want a more high performance board for surfing I would recommend the 6'0 Bowl so that you add it to your quiver for the better days. The stable tail and continued width in the mid section allow you to still have plenty of stability in order to get into waves early and improve when its clean and you cannot kite.

      The ultimate kiteboard will be the 5'8 Bowl as this cuts down on the volume (which you do not need for a kiteboard). This allows the board to sit deeper in the water when you are powered on a kite and therefore control your power and grind better turns. The boards are super light and this aids you in the lighter winds and if it is super light you can always use the 6'0.

      I have used all these boards and for someone of 175lbs, the 6'0 Bowl will work but when it gets good you will not have the right gear.

      Much better for you to buy a great surfboard that will help you improve and a great kiteboard rather than be unimpressed by a hybrid. I feel this will be the case.

      Let me know your thoughts and we can get you fully setup for success on both fronts.

      All the best,

  • AJ

    I always ride a ride a 7'0 x 21 x 3in thick thruster. Im a big dude, and this setup usually works for me in most medium to big sized waves (shoulder/head high/few feet overhead) As such...will the 6'8 vert float me, or will i be struggling to get into waves? Explain the volume por favor

    • Trip


      Thanks for your question today. The Lib Techs are great boards but lacking on volume for anyone over 200lbs that like to have some extra foam in their boards. The measured dimensions are almost big enough, but then when you take away the foam they scoop from the deck, they fall short for most bigger guys.

      If you're looking to put some more performance into your board, I would highly recommend the Lost v2 Rocket and Roberts Hope Diamond in larger sizes. You could ride either of these boards in the 6'6 to 6'8 range and catch more waves plus turn better and feel looser compared to your current 7'0.

      Not sure how big you are, but I'm 6'2 x 215 and have been riding "big guy tris" all my life up until about 3 years ago. All these new designs are so much better and really allow you to fit your board into the shape of the wave better.

      Hope this info helps. You can always reach me at the shop for any additional questions. Glad to help.

  • noah

    i recently broke a board and im looking into buying a lib tech.
    I bought some futures jordys signature fins for my last board and ive literally rode them for one sesh before my board broke. Is it possible for me to use my futures in a lib tech?


    • Toby

      Great to hear that you are looking to jump on board a LibTech. Not only are these boards durable and super fun to ride with great flex, but they are also very environmentally friendly which is awesome. Now you can shred and save the planet at the same time!

      As far as Futures go, unfortunately they do not fit the Libtech boards so you will have to use the stock fins that come with the board. They are a performance design fin and work well with the flex of the board to create decent drive and power.