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Cape Hatteras is one of the best surf destinations on the East Coast with consistent waves year round. The highlight of the Cape Hatteras surf scene are the ESA Easterns Surfing Championships in late September with over 500 competitors converging on the Outer Banks to battle for top ranks in their age divisions. This competition gave birth to the professional career of 9x World Champion Kelly Slater, as well as recent Volcom Pipeline Pro Semi-Finalist and Cape Hatteras local Brett Barley. Surfing is a sport enjoyed by all ages, and is a great sport to practice while traveling to different locations around the world. The key to getting into surfing the right way is to take it slow and make it fun every day. Here are a few quick tips to learning the ropes:

1. First Day : Your perfect first day isn’t the best day of the year with big waves. Wait for a small day when the waves are barely breaking, then use a larger board for more stability.

2. Best Spot : The bend of Cape Hatteras creates a “north side” and a “south side” wave exposure that can perfectly tailor surf conditions to any swell size and any ability surfer. Know where to go by checking in with a local surf shop. You can also use internet resources like Surfline.com and Magicseaweed.com to help find the “best” conditions for your ability.

3. Hit the Easy Button : Lessons with a surf instructor can make a big difference, dramatically improving your learning curve, while making the entire experience that much more fun.

4. Paddle Power : Paddling will make you tired for the first three days of surfing. After that you will build endurance and it will become second nature like walking. Stick with it, getting over this hump is normal and something every beginner surfer goes through. The reward is well worth it!

The best places to watch local surfers are S-Turns just north of Rodanthe and The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in Buxton. Beginners should steer clear of crowded surf zones, as you don’t need the wave quality the experienced surfers look for and space will be your friend.

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