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The story you are about to read is TRUE. The names have not been changed to protect anyone. Any likeness to somebody you may already know is probably not a coincidence. REAL can be held responsible for any story resembling the below story that involves people learning to kiteboard in a fun, fast and efficient manner.......

You've seen kiteboarding, either on TV or at your local beach. You're hooked, this looks like the sport for you. You can't believe how fast and how high the riders are getting! How do you transform yourself from a spectator on the beach to a kiteboarder in the least amount of time possible? Here is a REAL life example of the quick path to success...

Just like you, Bill DeGeorge didn't know how to kiteboard. After following the steps listed below and 6 months on the water, Bill is now kiteboarding in the ocean, jumping and riding waves, downlooping his kite through turns and riding with good stance and style. He was even seen kiting some overhead surf sessions at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

View Bill DeGeorge 6 Month Kiteboarding Video

What did Bill do to make this level of progression in only 6 months? He followed the 4 easy steps that REAL recommends to all of our clients when learning how to kiteboard. Here they are. This is the easiest way to learn to ride well in under one year. Don't believe it? Just ask Bill……

1. REAL Smart Start Package : Perfect for Winter Training!
This is the best way to properly start your learning curve. The Smart Start Package comes with a Zero 2 Hero DVD and a 2m or 3m (meter) trainer kite. This package gives all of the information you will need to properly understand how kiteboarding equipment works, how to fly your kite, launch it, land it, how to relaunch it from the water and how to get up on your kiteboard behind a kite. There are also VERY helpful bonus sections filling in all the information you will need to become a self-sufficient kiteboarder. The Zero 2 Hero DVD has received an internationally recognized TELLY Award for Outstanding Content and Production Quality.

After you have watched the Zero 2 Hero DVD, take your trainer kite and practice your flying and steering skills. Familiarize yourself with the pull of the kite, the wind window, launch and landing, the safety systems, etc. We often recommend the 3m kite, as the pull is more exciting and you can also use this kite for other traction kiting such as snow kiting on your skis and snowboard. (The 2m trainer kite is better for kids under 8 years old.) You WILL use the trainer kite a lot for the first year to help build your kite flying skills, so do not skip this step or purchase a lesser trainer because you think you will outgrow it. Kite flying skills are VERY important for every stage of your ability progression. The Smart Start Package is a great way to practice all winter long and to get ready for your Zero 2 Hero Kite Camp in the Spring.

***Bill DeGeorge purchased his Smart Start Package December 2006. That's right, at the beginning of Winter. He watched the Zero 2 Hero DVD several times before flying his 3m trainer kite. He flew the kite all winter on the beach and also on the snow (with skis) and on the ice (with hockey skates).

2. REAL Zero 2 Hero Kite Camp
Once you have familiarized yourself with the Z2H DVD and with your trainer kite, the next step is to hit the water in REAL's Zero 2 Hero Kite Camp. Many of our campers sign up for a future camp and purchase the Smart Start Package at the same time, so they can get ready for the camp in advance. The Zero 2 Hero Camp takes you through our 3 day teaching syllabus with a 2 to 1 student to coach ratio, “On the Fly” PWC coaching and water safety, over 250 brand new kites and 75 brand new boards to use free of charge during the camp, and a private launch site for just you and your fellow campers. REAL's Zero 2 Hero Kite Camp has been ranked by Outside Magazine as one of the Top Ten Adventure Camps in the World. Zero 2 Hero is the ultimate source of the information and techniques it takes to become a confident, self-sufficient kiteboarder. Our REAL Coaches noted a HUGE increase in exit ability for those students that watched the REAL Zero 2 Hero DVD and practiced with their Trainer Kites before the Zero 2 Hero Camp. This is why we always recommend the REAL Smart Start packages to all our clients as the first step of kiteboarding….

***Bill DeGeorge took his Zero 2 Hero Camp in May 2007. Good winds, shallow water, great coaches and excellent gear allowed him to progress to a self-sufficient level during the course of three days. He attributes this to his coaches (THANKS Adam Mitchell!) and also to the Smart Start Package and how much this helped him with his kite flying skills.

3. Purchase Gear, REAL 5 DVD Box Set and Practice!
Now that you have completed steps #1 and #2, you can confidently shop for and purchaser your own kiteboarding equipment including kite, board, harness and accessories. We recommend purchasing your equipment the last day of your Zero 2 Hero Camp. This will allow you to have your coaches show you how to rig it and use it properly and also so you have equipment to use when you get home. Practicing when you get home is critical. Even if it is just rigging and flying your kites, this will keep everything fresh in your head. If you don't practice, you will begin to forget valuable information and techniques, so practice, practice, practice. We also recommend purchasing a copy of the REAL 5 DVD Box Set at this time. This includes all 5 titles of our instructional DVDs and will take you all the way through today's pro level of kiteboarding. REAL Instructional DVDs are a great way to review each session and make tangible steps forward every day you practice.

***At the end of his Zero 2 Hero Camp, Bill purchased 2 Slingshot Kites and a Jimmy Lewis Model 3 Board. Bill chose to purchase 2 kites so that he could widen his windrange and have twice as much time on the water to learn more quickly. He went with the Slingshot kites because they had an excellent reputation for quality and durability, and also because they had proved themselves to relaunch from the water very easily (very important). He went with the Jimmy Lewis Model 3 139cm board because he knows this was a great board that he would never outgrow. At the same time, he purchased the REAL 5 DVD Box set and used the DVDs to plan his sessions and progression at home. He watched the DVDs before and after each session. He practiced with his gear, even if it meant just flying his kites or practicing rigging. He took sessions on the water whenever he could.

4. Follow up REAL Lessons or REAL Evolution/Joyride Kite Camps
Last but definitely not least is “Continued Education”. Follow up lessons or camps help keep your learning curve steep. It has been proven that during instruction, your learning curve is almost vertical, but on your own, even with practice the best you can do is only slight improvements. Breakthrough sessions can continue to happen as long as you stay involved in instruction. We see much further progression over the long haul from the riders who stay in lessons or camps. Many Z2H campers stay and take the following REAL Evolution camp and progress even further!

***Bill has taken several REAL Lessons and Private lessons over the course of the Summer months. This has helped Bill with stance, kite flying like downlooping and waveriding. All of these things came a lot more quickly to Bill because the information was delivered in an organized manner on top of a very “stable base” of information and ability that Bill had built through the program already.

That's it! 4 steps to FAST progression in the sport of kiteboarding. Today kiteboarding has participants of all ages, both men and women. Our clients range from 8 years old to well over 70. Don't believe us? Check out this recent news item on the AARP website. This piece was filmed at REAL in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina:

YOU CAN DO IT! For more info or to order your REAL Smart Start Package or book your REAL Kite Camp, call us toll free at 866-REAL-KITE or 252-987-6000.

We look forward to seeing you on the water soon!

-The Crew at REAL Kiteboarding

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