Last Call for Customs

by REAL Watersports

If you are looking at adding a new custom surfboard to your quiver for the 2014 season, now is the perfect time to get your order in. Here’s why….

*All of the surf shops in North America submit their 2014 orders at the Surf Expo Trade Show in Orlando, January 9-11th, 2014. These orders total into the tens of thousands of boards collectively.

*When these orders are submitted, the surfboard shapers go from their “slowest” time of the year to their most backlogged time of the year in literally one week’s time.

*Order your custom board now (before these shop orders are submitted) and your order will be placed immediately with the fastest turnaround time of the year. Order after Surf Expo and your build time will be 4-8 weeks longer.

Build Times:

Build time now: 8-10 weeks | Post Surf Expo: 12-16+ weeks

Build time now: 4-6 weeks | Post Surf Expo: 8-10+ weeks

Build time now: 4-6 weeks | Post Surf Expo: 8-12 weeks

Robert August:
Build time now: 4 weeks | Post Surf Expo: 8+ weeks

Build time now: 4 weeks | Post Surf Expo: 8+ weeks

Robert Weiner of Roberts surfboards

Why go custom over stock?
Surfers choose custom over stock when they want a board built specifically for their height, weight, ability, and/or to compliment a unique quiver of pre-existing boards. Many people think you have to be a pro to order custom boards. You don’t. Recreational surfers will benefit from the custom experience with a boards that helps them progress more quickly and enjoy every session more.

Decoding “Build Times”
These build times are accurate based on REAL ordering thousands of boards through these brands and also being very high on priority list for each of these brands based on our volume. *Beware of shops advertising shorter build times as a way to lure in your order. In the end, they can’t make the board happen sooner for you and it may throw your next surf trip under the bus. Build time does not include shipping time as each board brand has faster/slower transition from finished board to board packed and shipped.

When should I place my order?
It may sound obvious, but the best way to decide when to place your custom order is to determine when you need your new board. You then work backwards from that date, using the longer build time estimates, and then factor in holidays and shipping time on top of that. This means if wanted a …Lost custom in your hands by April guaranteed, you need to order it today. If you wait one month from now to place the exact same order, you could expect to see the board in hand somewhere around June 1st. Each surfboard brand has different build time and backlogs based on order volume. The most important thing to note to yourself is to plan accordingly and order your board with plenty of time to build it, so it doesn’t add stress to the incredible experience of getting a board built specifically for you.

What can I specify that’s custom about my board?
Pretty much everything including dimensions, target volume, tail shape, construction, glass schedule, board color, logo colors and fin box configuration. We order hundreds of custom boards a year, so if this seems daunting, it isn’t when we’re helping you through the process.

What’s the most common problem we see every day?
Everyone wants a new custom surfboard. The most common problem we see is people putting off the order because they are having a hard time finalizing dimensions. Before you know it, it’s the season or trip you need this board and you haven’t even ordered it yet. Filling out the REAL Order Form honestly and accurately will help us recommend and finalize the right board, dimensions and volume for the conditions you want the board to PEAK in.

Why order now?
…Because you want your new custom stick ready soon, not in 2016. (This is your procrastination wake up call).

How do I get started?
Fill out the REAL Custom Order Form today and call us with questions or to place your order. It will be April in a blink of an eye. Let’s get you in front of that 10,000 board line rather than behind it!

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