Kites of Thunder!

Posted on April 1, 2013 by Trip Forman

Kite Racing the way the South meant it to be……

Now kite racing meets the crazy minds at REAL. Get ready for Kites of Thunder!

What: Kites of Thunder. Kite Racing the way the South meant it to be…

When: Every Thursday** Evening, May – November. Registration 4pm. Riders Meeting 4:30pm. First start 5:00pm.

**In the event of light winds on Thursday, the Race Committee may elect to hold the race another day of the week. Please stay tuned to for race announcements and schedule updates.

Where: REAL 25706 Hwy 12, Waves, NC 27982

Racing Fleets: Restrictor Plate (Twin tips and Surfboards), OPEN (Race Boards)

Courses: Kites of Thunder will feature a variety of race courses based on wind speeds and directions.

Spectator Friendly: All races will be held directly behind REAL. There will typically be one racing mark near REAL to bring the excitement close to spectators. Live music and food/drinks from Watermen's Bar & Grill add even more to the enjoyment of the evening.

Live Music: 6-10pm with Mojo Collins and Broghton Aycock as part of the Sky Blue Summer Concert Series. What racing series is worth its salt without a good party?

Entry Fee: $10 due at registration. Cash only. Registered race participants will launch and land from REAL on Thursdays starting after 4:30pm.

Prizes: All registration fees will be put into a prize purse for each Thursday night. The winner of each fleet will receive the total cash purse of their fleet in the form of a tab at Watermen's Bar & Grill valid for Thursday night only. Kite like a sailor… Party like a sailor!

*We hope to see everyone out and having a great time. This series is all about fun, racing what you’ve got and bragging rights at the bar. Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!!!

For more Kites of Thunder info, please email us at

Kites of Thunder Race Report 10/2/12
Races were held this week on Tuesday night as Thursday was looking a little iffy on breeze. Winds were straight south 12 – 17mph, so puffy on the inside near land and windier outside. The course was set up as a “port triangle, windward, REAL”, with the gybe mark and finish right off the dock at REAL.

Julien Kepski and Trevor Murchie battled it out for top honors both riding production surfboards. Julien had a Liquid Force 16m NRG Light Breeze with an Axon WTF surfboard. Trevor powered up with a 2013 Best Kahoona 13.5m and a Mark Richard Super Twin 6’2 surfboard. Julien’s higher aspect kite and board choice definitely saw him pointing higher with boardspeeds about equal.

At first the riders thought it was the board that made the biggest difference, but after two races and two Kepski bullets, they switched boards and Julien was still able to pull away on the upwind legs. This is where you can really measure kite performance, as you are able to watch both races and see how much further forward the kite sits in the window with the higher aspect design. After watching the third race, it was definitely an even mix of kite and board that helped Julien pull three first place finishes (and win the victory tab at Watermen's Bar 7 Grill) with Trevor taking 2nd overall for the day.

New for the 2nd day of racing was a new Race Committee Signal Siren and Flag System which made following the 3-minute starting sequence easy and really tightened up the starting line pack.
Kites of Thunder Races are OPEN to the public. With two fleets, you DO NOT have to own a raceboard to participate. All participants to date have been using stock surfboards or twin tips. The Race Committee has been helpful in providing race clinics on land and on the water between races to help riders improve as the series continues.

Kites of Thunder Race Report 9/20/12
The first day of racing during REAL’s Kites of Thunder racing series saw 11 competitors on the starting line and three completed races. All participants used stock twin tips or surfboards so the racing was accessible to anyone who showed up for the evening. Conditions on the race course saw north winds at 12-18mph with more breeze on the left (outside) of the course. The Race Committee set the course as a "starboard triangle, windward, REAL", with the gybe mark and finish right off the REAL dock for great race viewing.

The lesson learned on this first day of racing was “rig big” as all of the races were won on 15m or larger kites. It was also interesting to see a twin tip (Best Breeze 145cm) win a race and take 2nd and 3rd overall for the day. Eric Rienstra dominated raced #1 on a Slingshsot Turbine 17m with a Slingshot Dialer surfboard. Race #2 saw Rich Sabo take top honors on a 2013 Best TS 15m with a 2013 Best Breeze 145cm Twin Tip. Eric won the third race using the same SS Turbine/Dialer combo with Sabo in 2nd and Joe Wharton (SS Turbine 17m with Best Breeze 145 twin tip) in 3rd. Overall for the day Rienstra took 1st with 3.5 points (and won a $110 tab at Watermen's Bar & Grill), Sabo 2nd with 4.75 points and Wharton 3rd with 10 points.

With 11 racers on the starting line, there were at least that many curious potential racers on the beach watching the action. Looks like the next windy Thursday will see a fleet of 20 or more kiters. This should make for some incredible starts and mark roundings. Stay tuned!

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