REAL Team Rider Josh Mulcoy is on a roll right now!

by REAL Watersports

Check out the new Mulcoy’s World video with fresh footage from NW Canada and mainland Mexico!

Josh Mulcoy makes Innersection 2 Surf DVD
First, Josh made it into the highly competitive Innersection 2 Surf DVD. Innersection 2 features all of the best surfers from around the world who had to fight their way in by accumulating votes on the Innersection website. Only the best of the best make it in, and this process produces an unbelievable video that really pushes the sport forward every year. Innersection 2 is now available for purchase and is hands down, the best action Surf DVD of the year!

New Josh Mulcoy Signature Fins from Futures!
Following his Innersection video part, Josh released his new line of Josh Mulcoy Signature Fins with Future Fins. Josh has been on the Stretch surfboard team for year and has always used Stretch’s tri-fin template for all of his Stretch Thing surfboards. Stretch’s tri fin set up features the same fins from a Stretch Quad set, but then with an equal sized trailing fin, compared to the slightly smaller quad rears.

For Josh’s signature fin, he was looking for more drive and hold, so he had Futures make the fins taller and narrow up the base a touch. Josh also feels a bit faster on these fins due to the increased stiffness. REAL has the new Josh Mulcoy Signature fins in stock in a 5-fin configuration.

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