Endless Summer Weekend at REAL

Posted on June 2, 2010 by Trip Forman

Robert August spent Memorial Day Weekend at REAL and Watermen's Retreat as part of the Endless Summer Weekend, May 28th - 31st. During this time, Robert was in the water every day surfing his "What I Ride" series of surfboards and his new "What I Paddle" standup paddleboard. In between, he was mingling with the crowd, talking story, signing autographs and giving tips on surfing, traveling and living "the life"!

The surf throughout Robert's stay was in the fun thigh to chest high range, which saw him mostly on the 9'6 and 10' What I Ride's, which are 2 of his favorite surfboards. We hit the water every day and got to surf three different breaks over 6 sessions. On the last day, the surf got a little smaller and Robert broke out his new "What I Paddle" 11' SUP to tour the smooth water behind REAL in "The Slick." Warmer water temps in the ocean, made anything from a springsuit to just trunks the call. Robert still has all the style and ability that scored him the part in the original Endless Summer Movie. Surfing with him during the four days was a true privilege and every time he paddled out, the line up lit up with excitement.

Robert August team rider Cody Craig showed up one day at the Rodanthe Pier and smoked the session with full carving 360's, tube rides and an aggressive above the lip attack, all on a stock Surftech Tuflite What I Ride 8'4! It was pretty much mind blowing­, he was throwing around the 8'4" like it was a 5'5"!

Saturday night was a big one at REAL with The Summertime Blues Band LIVE on the waterfront stage and over $10,000 in FREE prizes to get everyone geared up for Summer. Attendance was estimated at over 500 people. The grand prize was a Robert August Polyester 8'4 What I Ride surfboard which made the winner stoked out of his mind!!

Special THANKS to Surftech, Robert August Surfboards, Werner Paddles, REAL, O'Neill, Dakine, Spy, Freestyle Watches, I Love Waves, Smith, and Roxy for supplying all the killer prizes!!!

On Sunday, the surf sessions continued with more good tip time on the nose, and tons of stoked surfers who traveled across the country to meet and surf with Robert August. The weather was sunny and warm, so the beach parties were as fun as the surf sessions! On Sunday night, Robert narrated the original Endless Summer movie in the REAL Theatre Room, which was a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear all the behind the scenes happenings of a true surfing classic. Over 100 session weary surfers attended the movie and were able to listen to Robert's commentary as well as ask questions throughout the film.

Meeting and surfing with Robert was a great experience. He is a truly approachable "professional", who is a great ambassador for our sport. When Robert isn't surfing or making surfboards, he's a devoted father (with son Sam and 10 year old daughter Christine) as well as an avid fundraiser and event participant for multiple charities. A lot of people were nervous when first meeting him, but his casual (often hilarious) demeanor often broke the ice instantly, making conversation easy, and talking story with him a true pleasure. Throughout the four-day event, Robert autographed event posters, surfboards, skateboards, hats, t-shirts and DVDs for over six hours total, always smiling, laughing and spending quality time with each and every person who came to meet the legend. At Saturday night's party alone, the autograph session lasted for over 3.5 hours!

The last day of Endless Summer Weekend saw us on the front lawn of the REAL Flagship Store with Robert going over the designs in his 2010 RA Surfboard and SUP quiver. Stay tuned for this feature with photos and commentary on his most popular (and successful) shapes.

Before leaving Cape Hatteras, Robert autographed many of the RA surfboards and SUPs in our stock. Call us at 866-REAL-548 and check out which boards are still available for purchase.

THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to travel to Cape Hatteras and spend the Endless Summer Weekend with us!

Big THANKS to Robert August, Sam and Lisa at Robert August Surfboards and the team at Surftech for helping us put the Endless Summer Weekend together. Also special thanks to Watermen's Retreat for hosting the Robert August team and MOJOs Sunset Cafe for keeping them well fed and properly hydrated!

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