Endless Session Weekend @ REAL

Posted on June 1, 2011 by Trip Forman

How often can you line up great surf, warm water, warm air, offshore wind, live music, good food and celebrity surfers all in one place?

It all came together this past weekend at the 2nd annual Endless Summer Weekend with Robert August and Sam August at REAL.

Robert and Sam arrived late Thursday night, well at least Sam did anyway… Robert’s flight was cancelled, stranding him in Miami overnight then forwarding him to Raleigh instead of Norfolk. Head down and determined to get here, he rented a car and drove east, knowing that once he reached the Outer Banks, he would be more than rewarded.

The surf Friday started in the waist high range with light winds, perfect for getting all the Robert August What I Ride longboards out on the water. A fun crew assembled right by the stairs at Mirlo Beach near the north end of Rodanthe. Throughout the day the surf became more consistent and at 6pm the wind turned offshore making for some unbelievable noseriding at sunset.

Friday night, Robert August arrived at REAL and we all headed down to Mac Daddy’s Restaurant in Avon to light it up. Great food and drinks, we definitely had the loudest table in the house as more and more people came over to join in on the fun.

On Saturday, we headed up to S-Turns and set up the Surftech tent on the beach for a day of surfing, hanging out, trying new boards and talking story. The water Saturday morning was as clear and beautiful as it gets. 10ft visibility, you could see your shadow on the bottom while you were waiting for waves! The surf built throughout the day starting in the waist high range and building up to chest -shoulder high by afternoon. The wind got on it a little in the afternoon, but at 5pm it died out again, leaving some really nice waves for the PM sessions. The best sessions of the day saw Sam August, Zack Johnson, Cody Craig, Rich Hurloc and Jack Graham all laying down some great waves with cheers from the beach.

Saturday night saw everyone heading over to REAL for the Endless Summer Weekend poster signing session, plus live music on the back deck with The Wilder Brothers. Robert and Sam signed autographs for most of the night, then headed back to Mojos Sunset Café for a few cold Kona Longboards!

“The best things about this event, hands down are the people who attend it, the non-competitive atmosphere and the ability to just show up and take sessions, party, hang out, try new boards, and just chill on the beach. If you’re looking for a good time, this event is all you! We had such a good turnout with surfers from all over the country hanging with us on the beach and in the water. It was truly a blast! THANKS Robert and Sam for flying out our way, surfing with all of us and making everyone’s weekend!” – Trip Forman REAL Co-Founder

On Sunday morning, the surf got even better! We headed 4wd out to Ramp 23 south of Salvo where we found chest to sometimes head high waves and light offshore winds! We were pinching ourselves by this point. Oh yea, I forgot to mention that you didn’t even need a wetsuit! We set up next to Ken and Kara Early, Llew Simmonds and a bunch of the 10-year REAL veterans who only add fuel to every party, especially beach parties!

We surfed all day Sunday, then headed back to REAL at 7pm where we rolled the original Endless Summer movie (1966) on the big screen with Robert August narrating all the behind the scenes action. The REAL Theater Room was PACKED with stoked surfers listening to Robert and watching the movie. After the movie, Robert answered questions and signed autographs and posters. There was an incredible vibe in the air and this was one of the highlights of the weekend for those that caught it.

Monday? You guessed it. Nearly perfect surf again. Warm water, offshore winds for most of the day and some great Cape Hatteras barrels. We surfed Sea Haven in the morning, then Ramp 23, then headed south to some new sandbars between Avon and Buxton. The wind went sideshore again around 3pm, but only for an hour or so then switched back offshore through sunset.

When we got back to REAL Monday evening, we were surprised to see The Wilder Brothers playing o n the waterfront stage. These guys were throwing an encore session as they love playing here so much, they just couldn’t go a Monday without lighting it up at The Slick! Even with many people leaving to go home Monday afternoon, the back deck was still packed with people celebrating a great weekend of surf and hanging out with Robert August.

Robert August and Sam August both got some great surfing in here in Cape Hatteras and made a lot of new friends on and of the water. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Sam’s surfing, he can do it all, longboard to shortboard, all with really clean style and power. We saw Robert get some great rides at S-Turns, Ramp 23 and also at the beach breaks north of Buxton. Surfing with these guys is as fun as you would think. All smiles in the water, sharing waves and as stoked as anyone.

Robert and Sam had a blast and are already talking about Endless Summer Weekend 2012 in Cape Hatteras…..

Before Robert left, he autographed all of our Robert August surfboards, SUPS and beach cruizers. If you’re in the market for one of these, give us a call, pretty cool having his signature on your board. We also received an incredible quiver of Robert August custom longboards and there are still a few signed ones left, including a custom replica of the board he surfed in the original Endless Summer movie!

SPECIAL THANKS to everyone who surfed with us this weekend. We’ve got a few more Endless Summer Weekend posters at the shop, just ask at the front counter.

THANKS again to all the sponsors who made this event possible including REAL, Kona Brewing Company, Robert August Surfboards, Surftech, Watermen’s Retreat and Mojo’s Sunset Café.

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