Duncan Ferguson Snowkites Washington Monument!

by REAL Watersports

Duncan Ferguson Snowkites

Duncan got the shot! The shot that made his Dad proud for being on the front cover of the Washington Post.

While Washington DC was shut down and everyone stuck at home hiding from the worst winter storm cycle ever, REAL client Duncan Ferguson packed up his new 2010 Best Nemesis NXG 10m and hoofed it out to the Washington Monument.

Duncan said that he had been trying to get a snow kiteboarding session there for a couple of weeks, but the wind was never right. Finally all the pieces came together on February 11, and he scored big.

"Well, the wind was really bad in there. It was all over the place, but I was powered up and there was good snow. I am glad that I finially got to snow kiteboard in DC." Duncan told REAL.

So what is next for the newly famous Washington DC kiteboarder?

"I am actually on the way out to Tahoe for some alpine skiing right now. I am going to hit up Jackson Hole on the way back, and then I am planning on making some trips down to Cape Hatteras to go kiteboarding in the water."

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