New Brand Now Available: Core Kites

by REAL Watersports

We're always on the lookout for the best kiteboarding gear available. That's why we support and love to ride the kite brands we already carry: Best, Liquid Force, Slingshot, Naish & BWS!!

Hopefully by now we're building up your trust, keeping you in the know about which gear works (and which gear doesn't)! So with that in mind, CORE have been on our radar for a while now. Over the last year or so, several of you have reached out to us telling us how much you love riding your CORE kites - so we listened!

For the last 6 months we've been testing the kites out heavily. Of course we've raised some eyebrows around Cape Hatteras during testing as different people have asked us, "Are you guys now carrying CORE?" The answer has been the same throughout the testing, "we're testing out the gear to see if it works and find out if we feel good about endorsing and carrying the kites."

Well now the answer to that questions is YES! After heavy testing, numerous sessions and lots of feedback we're really excited to say that the kites are awesome and they are now available at! Check out the REAL Pro reviews below to find out more about the gear.

The CORE Lineup:

Core GTS2:

Read the full review of the GTS 2 kite here.

Core Riot XR3:

Read the full review of the Riot XR3 kite here.

Core Sensor Bar:

Find out for yourself

If you're in Cape Hatteras and want to ride the kites - we do have them available in our rental shop along with all of the new 2014 gear from the brands we currently stock.

We want your feedback! If there are certain brands or gear you'd like to see us test out - let us know in the comments section...

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