• 5 Of Our Favorite Products Made In The USA

    Celebrate all things America with a list of 5 of our favorite products that are made right here in the USA!
  • Our Favorite Boards from Roberts Surfboards

    Here is a quick overview of the Robert’s board models that we stock at REAL.
  • C3 Surfboard Construction

    These boards are incredibly lightweight and strong for their size, with great flex and spring out of the turns. The biggest question is “What’s up with the cork deck?!”
  • Spending the Summer in Cape Hatteras

    Surfer’s/kiteboarder’s guide to working/living in Cape Hatteras for the summer!
  • Lib Tech Waterboards Reviewed!

    Lib Tech have pushed the limits of what’s possible with their line of environMENTAL waterboards. Hands down - the most exciting thing about these Waterboards is the construction. Lib Tech claim their boards are “dang hard to ding” and we have to agree – these things are amazingly tough.
  • Calling All Trades

    That’s right! REAL WANTS YOUR TRADE!!! Now is the time to clean out your garage of all the gear you don’t use and trade it towards NEW gear!
  • New 2013 Shred Sleds from …Lost Surfboards

    …Lost Surfboards has just released the following 7 new designs for the 2013 season. Check out the new …Lost models below ranging from the 3-board Domesticated Series to the highest performance WCT winning weapons.
  • Stretch Mr Buzz & Super Buzz

    The Buzz series has been designed to minimize surfboard size through extremely efficient design and high lift. The Mr Buzz and Super Buzz have nothing in common with any surfboard out there.
  • Wetsuit Sizing and the REAL Perfect Fit Guarantee

    Find out more about correct wetsuit sizing and the REAL Perfect Fit Guarantee...
  • Here come the Wind and Waves!

    Ask any local and they will tell you September and October are the two best months in Cape Hatteras for wind and waves.

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