• If you're tired of breaking surfboards - here is the solution

    We all know that Lib Tech's Waterboards are strong but it's taken some time for it to sink in just how well they surf.
  • It Doesn't Always Go According To Plan

    Jeffrey O'Neil spent the day before thanksgiving in Buxton, NC watching (and filming) surfers going over the falls, eating it and generally having a tough time. Here is the result - it's very entertaining!
  • 10 Tips To Get Your Gear On the Plane For Free

    Whether you realize it or not, there’s a big swing in how much you actually need to pay to get your oversized bags (surfboards, kite gear, etc) on the plane. After traveling with coffin bags bigger than refrigerators for the past 25 years, here’s a few of my favorites that always keep my check in prices well below the average and many times even free.
  • The Baja Roadtrip - What You Need To Know

    When it comes to winter travel destinations for surfing and kiteboarding, the Baja Peninsula in Mexico (a stone’s throw from the US) is a diamond in the rough. However, like any good diamond, it takes a little work and preparation to get Baja to really shine. Here's what you need to know....
  • Why Your Next Surf Trip Should Be Somewhere Cold

    When it comes to cold water surf travel, few pro surfers have more experience than REAL team rider Josh Mulcoy. We caught up with Josh to find out why he loves cold water surf trips so much...
  • One Surfboard To Travel With: What Would You Take?

    What happens if the airlines start saying "no" to the triple board coffin? What happens when your travel quiver is maxed out at just one board? We took a vote and these are are favorite one-board-quivers...
  • Nicaragua Session Report

    After an amazing surf trip to Nicaragua last week - here's the session report including a detailed run down of which surfboards I took and why I took them!
  • Picking the Ultimate Surfboard Travel Quiver!

    Surf Travel is perhaps one of the very best sides to surfing. It is full of excitement, planning, highs and lows, new sights & smells and overall a hope for the best day of the year! Here's a guide to help you select the right quiver.
  • Scoring Kite Sessions On Your Next Surf Trip

    If you're a surfer and know how to kite - there's no reason not to take kite gear on your next surf trip! Here's 5 tips to help make it happen:
  • Traveling With Your Family - And Still Scoring Sessions

    When Lucie and I had our first child we were determined to continue to travel. Over the years, vacations have gotten much easier by following a few basic guidelines to traveling with family (and still taking sessions)....

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