• Surgical Strike: Diaries of a Professional Recreational Surfer

    “Surgical strikes” are when you travel specifically for perfect weather conditions (swell/wind or both) rather than on a calendar like most humans do. Many of you think this is reserved for the world’s elite pros or the rich and famous. But it shouldn’t be. Recreational enthusiasts should partake in at least one surgical strike in their lifetime – and probably many more – as they’re the ones that have to watch epic conditions pass them by day after day when they’re at their day jobs.
  • Firewire Timbertek Review

    Firewire Timbertek represents an exciting step forward in surfboard construction. Here's the full review.
  • The Cradle of Storms - East Coast Movie Premiere

    This is going to be a rocking night with an incredible LIVE band, great food and drink and one of the best new surf films to be released in a long, long time!
  • REAL Weekend Lineup

    We want to help you make the most of your weekends and help you score the best sessions of the year.
  • Limited Edition Lost Surfboards

    …Lost surfboards just finished the first of the limited edition, signed, numbered “Exacta” models for 2014.
  • Rob’s “Big Boy” North Shore Quiver

    Whether you call him the world’s nicest shaper or “Rob the Mega-Grom Action Figure”, Surfing Magazine’s Shaper of the Year winner Robert Weiner of Roberts Surfboards has more than his fair share of fans both through his incredible shapes as well as his energetic, infectious attitude in the lineup.
  • 3 Spring Videos from Cape Hatteras

    We've handpicked 3 videos that embody Spring in Cape Hatteras, NC.
  • Why We Love Spring In Cape Hatteras (And You Should, Too!)

    Epic conditions, cheap accommodation and a guaranteed good time come as standard with Spring in Cape Hatteras so here are 5 more reasons we're head over heels for our favorite season of the year.
  • Roberts at REAL July 19th & 20th

    Surf with Surfing Magazine Shaper of the Year Robert Weiner July 19th and 20th.
  • Endless Summer Weekend

    May 24th – May 27th, 2012 Meet and surf with Robert August during Endless Summer Weekend!

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